Daycare Injury and Accident Reports: Protect your Daycare Business

by Carla on August 24, 2009

A large part of managing a successful daycare business involves keeping and maintaining records. One of the most important daycare forms or daycare records is the Accident Report Form.

The accident report form documents and helps keep track of injuries that happen while a child is in your care. It is a simple practice and a vital communication tool. It that helps keep parents informed of even simple injuries and accidents and helps protect your daycare business in the case of potential lawsuits.

Common Daycare Injuries

Children can get injured while performing simple, everyday tasks – even while just walking or running. The most common types of injuries in daycare are:

Accidents involving toys and equipment: Even though you have selected toys and equipment that is age appropriate and safe, accidents still naturally occur when children play with toys and playground equipment. Children can fall off of or get hit by swings and sometimes toys can be defective. Studies show that most injuries occur on the play-ground and that about more than half of fractures and concussions are due to falls from climbing equipment.

Accidents involving other children: Accidents that occur between two or more children must be reported. Children’s injuries with other children usually involve poking, hitting, pinching, throwing objects, and colliding with each other.

Injuries involving food: Food-related daycare injuries occur when children choke on food or have allergic reactions to food. Injuries involving food borne disease should also be documented. E. coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, Campylobacter, Shigella, Norovirus, and Listeria are common pathogens which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and even death.

Daycare injuries can range from simple injuries like cuts and scrapes to severe injuries include broken bones, head trauma, bruising, scarring, burns, and sprains.

Creating an Accident Report Form

  • The accident report should include:
  • Name and address and phone number of your daycare business
  • The date and time of the accident
  • The child’s name and age
  • The parents name and contact information
  • The number of children involved in the accident
  • The place the accident occurred, the nature of the injury, and the action taken.
  • Who was notified that the accident occurred and when, i.e., 911, a parent, a physician.
  • Transportation used if applicable (an ambulance for example)

A copy of the accident report should be put in the child’s cubby or backpack so that the parent’s can see the form before they leave your daycare center. The parent and the daycare provider (or teacher and director) must sign and date the form. You will have to add wording to the document in order to specify if the parent is signing off to acknowledge receipt of the document OR to acknowledge that they agree with the facts as presented.

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Claire May 3, 2011 at 11:38 pm

My child was injured in a daycare accident 45 minutes after leaving him there received a call from facilty and got there to find my child deep wound to forehead and I signed accident form from daycare and took him to the emergency room for treatment.Upon returning to daycare with papers to sign to cover cost of er was told by owner that my insurance would be primary and her insurance secondary.I am really annoyed at this point that she doesn’t want to cover this fully especially since this happened in her facility.

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