Dealing On With Separation Anxiety

by admin on August 18, 2009

Your child is one of the most important people in your life right now. It is also because of you child, an your family, why you are working had in order to survive. Life is getting hard these days and becoming a working is one of the options that will make life easier for everyone. Your goals are the things which you need to focus on, which is why you are working so hard, careful not to lose your job. You are often left with one decision but to send your child to child care services. When you work each day, you just cannot leave your child alone in your house. This does not have to worry you so much, because there are people who understand the ways things are going, this is why they have offered you with their services of having to take care of your child instead.

Day care centers are the best place where you can send your child especially when there is really no one who can take care of them. These facilities provide your child with the right care that they need. They will be supervised by people who are trained specially for child care. There is nothing which you need to worry about when it comes to this. Food, lessons, sleeping time and play time will be provided for your child, so you do not have to be too worried about your child not having to be right care that he should be receiving.

Instead, there is one problem which you should worry about. Children who are sent to day care centers have a problem when it comes to separation anxiety. They find it really hard when they are away from their parents. This is why most day cares have their own share of kicking, tantrums, shouting and crying of kids who are being left in day care everyday. This is why if you choose to have your child left in a day care center, you need to be ready to prevent this from happening. There is actually a solution to this, and you just have to know how you can prepare your child from separation anxiety.

The first thing that you have to do is to explain to your child beforehand why you have to leave them in a day care. They need to realize the reason in order for them to understand why they have to be sent there. This will sort of prepare your child on the day itself since he will already have an idea that you will leave him there when you arrive in the day care. Part of this includes telling and reassuring your child that trusted people are the ones who are in charge of taking care of him. Your child needs to know that he is being sent in a facility where people are friendly enough whom he can trust. This will lessen the anxiety that he will feel. Never forget to tell him that you just have to leave him for the day, and you will come back for them. This will make your child be comfortable with the idea of a child care.

On the night before, it is important that you spend quality time with your child. Read a book or play with hum. This will ease his mind and make him feel his importance to you. So when he wakes up the next day, he will not have to feel that you are sending them to a day care because you do not want to be with them. Children can really be sensitive about this idea, right?

On the day that your child will be sent to the child care, you need to prepare this to be his best day. Prepare his favourite breakfast and talk to him. Spend every minute with your child so that he will have a good day to start with. Kiss him and hug him to show that you really care. This will make him feel more loved.

When you are on your way to the day care, you can talk a little about the day care. This will excite your child on the numerous possibilities that he will enjoy. Knowing that there is a lot in store for him, he will be excited to go there and explore these things. Make sure to hug him and hold his hands as much as possible.

Arriving at the day care, your child may be intimidated at first. This is why you need to show him that it is easy to make friends there. Smile and greet the people that you see. This does not only include the staff and the parents, but also make sure to greet the other children. Once these people respond, your child will see that he will be left in a group of friendly people. The more that he will find it easier to relate and talk with other people.

One thing that is really suggested for you to do is to have your child bring with him his favourite toy or blanket. Children tend to be a little clingy at this stage of their life, so they need to have something with them that will bring them security. You child needs to feel safe when he is in a new place, so don’t restrict him when it comes to this. In a few days, your child will surely find it comfortable in there. Once he will have friends, then there will be no problem for you. As a matter of fact, you child might even be excited to go to day care once he has adjusted to that place.

Separation anxiety does not have to stop you from sending your child to day care. You can actually do something about it. Always remind him that you will be back for him so that he will not have any problem with you leaving him there. You can no leave your child in a day care, without worrying too much about how he is doing.

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