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by admin on July 12, 2009

Many working mothers ask what they are supposed to do with their children when they are away for work. With a lot of different answers to this question, how are you going to decide whether to use child care centers, nannies, or just stay with the children around your house?

You know your options, but how would you know the best option for your kid? Mothers often suffer from this kind of emotional struggles. On one hand, you want to have your own personal growth through setting up a business while on the other hand, you also want to be at home for your kids. But if you decide to just work from your home, do you accomplish anything with the kids always running around and always trying to get your attention? This dilemma can drain working and entrepreneurial mothers physically and emotionally. So how should mothers know which option is best for the family?

Whether you choose to have the children under the supervision of babysitters, day cares, nannies, you yourself or your husband, each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also, your decision can change every time you move or have another child. Furthermore, each child has different needs which you need to cater to. One child is best taken care of in a day care while another is best supervised by a nanny.

Your house’s location is also one important consideration in choosing the care that your child should receive. If you are living in a town near colleges where students want to baby sit, then baby sitters are always available to take care of your child. But if you want a service where you can drop- in your children in times when you need to attend a business meeting or you’re just not available for the whole day, you can just choose a family child care.

Generally, the answer to our question really depends on which child care centers may be near your place. It also depends on being able to find a perfect nanny for your children. The nature of one’s personality and business also matters too. Some mothers can manage to work while the kids play around the area while others just can’t stand such situation. It also is a good option to have a mixture of different kinds of child care.

At the end of the day, flexibility is required from you and from the care providers which you will hire. You need to have alternative plans or care providers in case your kid gets sick or you need to attend a meeting outside your regular care provider’s hours. If your nanny requests for days off, give yourself different options. What matters really is that you are very comfortable with the decision that you made. Your business won’t end up successful anyway if you make a wrong decision about your child. If everyone ends up happy with the decision, then that certainly is the right one for the family.

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