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by admin on July 15, 2009

What is one thing that you notice when you enter a day care center? The moods that it sets on the people entering in. Isn’t it that day care centers are always bright and lighted up? There are so many colors which you see in a day care facility that you never expect to see a day care which had plain walls or even gloomy ones. Colors are a very important theme that day care centers must follow in order to make sure that it looks more like a place which is suited for children. Even when it comes to the furniture and toys, color is the top thing which they use as their basis in picking these out.

If you are thinking of re-designing your day care center, you may have a couple of ideas in mind which you cannot combine into one concrete idea. You should start with the basics when you are planning on the design that you are going to use. Always keep in mind that children always have a light and bright disposition in life. In order to make day care sessions fun, you need to make you day care center an effective place for them. Make your day care as colourful as possible because they love color. You walls are the best way to start with when you are designing your day care. The wall mostly takes up the space in your day care and it can really affect the aura of the room.

What better way to design your walls but with wall stickers. These are the safest and most enjoyable way in which you can design your day care center. These can easily change the mood of your plain old day care into something which children will love. Wall stickers are completely safe rather than by painting on the walls. Wall paint usually contain toxic fumes which can readily be inhaled by the children when the paint is applied on the walls. Plus, there are a variety of designs which you can choose from when you have wall stickers which is more enjoyable for the kids.

What do you need to think of when choosing a design?
Color, as previously mentioned is very important for the children. This instantly sets the mood of the day care which greatly affects the mood of the children. They will find it easier to listen and participate in activities if they see that they place where they are is a fun place to be in. The best sets of colors which you can choose are the primary colors. Yes, a lot of these colors will excite the children since they can identify the colors which are on the walls. You may choose to experiment with other colors like the secondary and the tertiary colors. This will provide a better way for children to learn all about color combinations. Make sure that these colors are made in bright shades since darker shades of these colors will not really be appealing to the children. Try them first on a printable sticker and see which colors work best.

If you are looking for more than just shapes and colors on your wall, there are so many graphic designs which you can use on your wall. Children are interested in so many things this is why it is very easy to pick a theme that you will use for your wall. You may have a mix of animals, letters, number and more complicated shapes such as stars and other things. If these are visible tot children everyday, they will find it easier to remember these things. You may even teach them straight from the wall instead of having the usual instruction on the chalk board which can boring for them. Look at how effective this will be and the children will find it easier to memorize these. The next thing that you will know is that they have learned these in just 2-3 days.

Lastly, if you really want to make your wall stickers to be really effective for the children, make sure that you invest in a reliable printer. Make sure that your printer prints on sticker paper. There are even some printers which do not really print in good color which destroys the graphics on the sticker. Make sure that each and every design comes out clear and in the right shade os of colors. If this happens, there is no point in placing stickers on the wall if the children do not understand what is on the wall. This is why it is important that you have the designs made in the best way possible.

One way that you can make this a more enjoyable thing to do, you can have an interactive wall sticking. This will allow the children to pick their favourite designs and will be able to stick them anywhere they want to. When they see it on the wall, they will be reminded of the artwork that they posted on the wall. It is up to you on how you would want to make this a fun activity for them.

It is important that you understand how children think when you design your day care center. You can make your day care the most conducive place to learn for them if you just take the time and properly plan each and every element of your wall design. Remember that children are satisfied with the simpler stuff, so you do not really anything fancy just to catch their attention.

The way that your day care looks is very important in setting the environment for the children. You need to make sure that no matter what design you choose to make, you have enough set of bright colors to come with it. Children will absolutely love this. Even you will especially if you are not really having a good day. So design your walls with wall stickers now and see how it can be a more enjoyable place for you and your students.

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