Designing a Wobbler Room

by admin on June 10, 2009

A wobbler room is a room intended for the use of children in the daycare. A child must be at least 1 year old to use this room. The ambience, environment, and furniture sizes in this room must fit the motor and physical needs of children. Therefore, this must be well lighted and have defined spaces for challenging movement coordination.

To avoid boring the children, change the toys every now and then. Make sure the toys are within the reach of the children. You can put a small divider in the room to separate the crawler from the older children who are more active and mobile. There are times that the older children would like to dance or run around the room so the divider will serve as division to the crawler.

This room will also serve as a place for nap time especially if a separate room for such is not available. You have to use folded cots so you can stack them up when they are not in use and will not consume more spaces. This is the same with the high chairs which you can flip anytime and can be stacked when they are not needed.

Children are also fond of rolling on the floor so have many supplies of mats. Use furnishings that are low and soft to avoid falling. Put latches on doors to avoid accidents related to opening and closing door. These children make fun of everything or anything so be creative with the things you would put in this room as long as they are clean and safe.

Safety Driveway Facility for Your Child Care
You cannot avoid vehicles to park outside your home or daycare facility because parents are either picking up or dropping off their children. Especially nowadays, owning a vehicle becomes a necessity in every household.

With the arrival of your clients in vehicles, this would put your area in danger or hazard right away. It is your responsibility then to minimize incidence of accidents in your property. Therefore, you must have some policies on pick up and drop off. Consider the following when doing this:

Put a signpost on speed limits in your area like 5mph only and let the parents be aware of it. Tell the parents to strictly follow this even they are in a hurry or late. It is for their safety anyway. If you see somebody violating it, get his attention right away and explain the importance of slowing down.

Tell parents not to allow their children running on the driveway especially if they are unsupervised. Call their attention immediately if this situation happens.

Ask parents to always hold their children while walking to or from your facility to avoid accidents.

Tell parents never to leave their keys inside the car nor leave an engine running. Children can easily go inside the car and put it on gear which might cause a grave accident.

Always remember to be vigilant in your driveway because this is still within your property and you are still accountable in case of accidents.

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