Different Types of Childcare

by admin on June 8, 2009

Children receive different types of care given by both federal and state agencies. Different departments such as daycare licensing enact legislature, Food and Drug Administration, Center for Disease Control are responsible for the well-being of the children. They ensure the safety of the child by creating guidelines for a safe environment including protection from diseases and having a proper diet. These can help parents to be guided in choosing a quality child care center.

The government has provided a lot for ensuring that proper care is given to the children. Certain education as well as information on the health and safety of children is given to a lot of people to increase their awareness on these issues. As a result, standards of childcare have been raised.

Independent organizations that prefer to work independently from the government have also been involved in certain childcare services. They do not believe that government intervention is needed to provide a high quality of childcare.

Two types of childcare

The concept of nannies started when the rich hired them to take care of their children. As times change, middle-class families also enjoy the luxury of having a nanny. The primary job of nannies is to take care of the children at home. They studied specializing in children care, health and nutrition. A part of their job includes assisting the child and accompanying them to appointments as well as daily activities like dancing lessons, a walk to the park and other things. The nannies you hire should be someone who is loving, caring, motherly, and most especially must meet your qualifications in childcare. They often have a high rate which is why should be able to be sure that she gives your child the proper care that you would want for your child. If you want an intimate form of childcare, a nanny is the best type of childcare for you. At least she can focus in giving your child the right care what she needs.

A more formal form of childcare is through the Montessori Method. This method was formed by Maria Montessori on 1907 based on his belief that children should start to exercise their mental activity and constantly learn and build natural interest in being educated as they grow up. These are not in strict compliance with any formal education but rather work in a more natural way. Progress is up to the child, basically everything is self-taught. Directors of the Montessori do not impose learning paths, instead guide and direct them. A long-term director is usually what makes this method effective because it can build trust between them and the children. This will allow the children to confidently learn in different ways. A committed director can also monitor progress of each and everyone so that it will be easier to see how each one can be directed into a learning path.

Depending on the type of childcare that you want, these serve its own advantages. As a parent, you may want to look at each option closely. Whatever your choice may be, make sure that your child receives the best care that she can have.

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