Early Childhood Valentine’s Day Art For Your Daycare

by admin on February 3, 2009

Valentine’s Day is not just a day for lovers, it’s the opportunity to offer flowers and chocolates to someone you adore so much or for kids, an activity to be creative and enjoy valentines card making activity. Make the children in your home daycare or daycare business hand out a heart with some one special.. This valentine’s themed art project only needs paper, crayon and a happy heart…

This art project is for grade school level and for the young at heart. This activity will be simple and as much as possible mess free with the exception of crayon rubbings, also what is great about this art is that you can integrate it with other art forms and processes.

The purpose of the crayon heart rubbing activity is to increase motor progress, dig in to the children’s artistry, recognize shapes and color, dive in to the mysteries of relationship, elevate the awareness in terms of patterns and texture. The materials needed will be a thick paper or a cardboard cut in to heart shapes light colors of art paper and crayons without the wrappers.

1. Have an adult cut the card stock top heart shapes, different sizes as well as thickness are encouraged.

2. Ask the children to choose a heart from the sizes that were cut

3. Have them glue the light colored art paper over the heart, then ask the children to feel the surface of the paper hearth under

4. Use the peeled crayon and turn it sideways as a method for coloring, this will result to a design on the construction paper

5. Repeat and use the different sizes of heart and colors.

This project can also be a form of a sensory activity given that you need to feel the texture you can also use different materials for different effect. This Valentines Day activity are most usual for young children can be used an exceptional wall display a gift card or texture experience by simply following easy procedures

Valentines Day activities for preschool

The usual practice of making art crafts for loved ones has become traditional for many preschools and daycare centers. In order to create more enjoyable activity here are some of our list. The Valentines Day show and tell uses family photos or something that the child loves the most this can be any sort of thing. Have them in circle and let each discuss the item that they brought. Let children have fun by means of letting the, roll out a biscuit dough, have them in heart shape biscuits that they can munch on. For those who wanted to have a pleasurable and healthy activity try a friendship fruit plate. Fill this up with red or pink fruits and discuss them what this color symbolizes. While being in preschool these activities should center on the subject of love and friendship, toddlers on the other hand can entail about the significance of sharing and giving as well as being polite to others.

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