Early Daycare Math Activities

by admin on May 1, 2009

Always remember that learning Math is not complicated but instead it is simple and easy as 1, 2, and 3.

This is all you have to do:

You can use concrete items around your house that are familiar to your child. Look for the same items to facilitate easy grouping and sorting activities.

I will be using apples and oranges in my activity but you can use any items that you may want.

My example is applicable for a child around 4-5 years of age. You can change the number of items to be used depending on the age of the child.

Simple adding and Subtracting:

Put 4 apples on the table and let the child count 1, 2, 3, 4. Then put one apple behind your back and let him count the remaining apples 1, 2, 3. Tell him that if you will take away one apple from 4, then there would be 3 left.

You also do this with adding by putting 3 apples out and let him count 1, 2, 3. Add 2 apples and ask him to count again. Tell him that there are 5 apples after adding 2 apples to the 3 apples that you already have.

You can add more items to your activity depending to the number that the child can already count. Be sure that there are no distractions while doing the activity so you can get a focused attention from the child. This activity can be done daily or few times a week, you can also do this to a group especially if you are handling a daycare class.

Sorting and Grouping:

This activity is great for your child because it keeps his little minds working while enjoying.

Get 3 pieces of paper, draw one big circle in each and color each circle with different colors. Then, get 3 items that matches their colors of the circles you have drawn in pieces of paper. Ask the child to sort these according their color.

Example #1: Prepare 3 papers with a drawing of circle on each. The circles are colored red, blue, and brown. Set up a bunch of red pompoms, blue Popsicle sticks, and brown crayons. Then let the child sort the items according to colors. Put all red things on paper with red circle, blue things with blue circle and brown things in brown circle.

Example # 2: Put 2 empty containers on the table. Put a bunch of crayons and makers all mixed together in the middle of the table. Let the child put all markers in one container and the crayons in another.

You can have your own version to the activities I mentioned by adding more and using other available items. Sorting items can also be according to sizes, shapes and textures. Remember that you can turn any simple activity in the house into a small math lesson such as counting the number of bucket of toys that are cleaned up, number of chairs around the dining table, etc.

Lesson on numbers can be incorporated in sorting activities by asking the child to count the items he is sorting and putting them where they belong.

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