Effective Daycare Management

by admin on December 10, 2008

A home-based day care business entails a lot of work. Effective management is thus key in making he business flourish. One must understand the intricacies and demands of the business in order to make an effective business plan which is cost efficient and attuned to the client’s needs. While drafting the business plan, finding a suitable day care area in one’s home is crucial and finding the clients to engage one’s services are also great factors that would determine the success or failure of one’s business. Listed below are some tips for the effective management of a home-based day care facility.

After designating the particular area where the day care activities would be done, one must particularize the areas for the children. There must be a play area, where group activities are to be held, a eating and rest area where a child may opt to eat or rest while in the care of others. Always overlooked is an office area where one needs to make business decisions, filing area and other activities needed to operate the business and manage the facility. This area is where all the paperwork for permits, taxes, licenses and other operational issues are to be worked on. Also, separate the business of operating a day care with one’s personal business. A separate phone line and bank account are simple ways to make this separation. The phone line would address asll day care needs while a separate phone book and checking account would be answering all the financial requirements in operating the business. Having a separate room away from the day care area, with a personal computer would be basic necessities in order
that one can manage the state of affairs of the business.

Another limited resource that needs to be managed effectively is time management. One needs to set aside time for the work, the business after work and one’s personal life. If one is unable to make this proper scheduling, one would not b able to address the thousand and one needs of the business and one would end up being unable to finish anything. Slotting particular hours for the day care itself and a few more for the business would be a start. Also, allot time for the family activities and even use some chores for quality time. List some break times and quiet times for one’s self so that one can be recharged every so often. Remember, child care is a very taxing business.

One disadvantage of a home-based business is the sudden visits friends and family make. Though this is may affect one’s schedule, duly informing everyone of the work time while at home is important to make one’s schedule work. Making them all realize that even if one is at home, one is at work and thus may be unable to make small talk and chit chat. Also, a different business phone would effectively make working free of any distractions.

These are but some of the small ways one can manage one’s business effectively. Balancing one’s work and personal life may be a juggling act but with their cooperation and a lot of discipline one is able to make this work effectively. Careful evaluation of one’s needs and concerns are crucial to make the balance work. Some tough policies need to be instituted and may take some time and effort to be accepted but these are but necessities in any kind of business.

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