Five Things Parents Should Know About Daycare

by admin on May 18, 2009

Parents must know what their daycare providers are thinking because more often than not, they are not telling what is in their mind. If you ask why, it is because they just do not want to hurt any feelings and of course they do not want to lose their business. Here are five things parents should know about daycare. Or shall I say at least five things every daycare provider should be telling the parents.

1. Daycare service is a business and not baby sitting – I hate to say it, but some people call me a babysitter and I get angry with that. I am thinking, since when a baby sitter makes $90, 000 per year and I also did not know that baby sitters paid tax like I do.

2. Daycare providers charge late fees – Late fees could be imposed on various reasons such as late payment, not picking up the child on time, and others. Everyone’s time is important and should be respected, and if not a late fee should be imposed.

3. Providers are not housekeepers – Remember, it is not easy to clean up after someone else’s mess so this goes again with the respect issue.

4. Boundaries and Rules for Parents – This is very important and this is always one of the complaints I hear from providers. From the very beginning the provider needs to establish a clear and definite boundary and if these rules are broken then there should be a consequence. If a provider does not maintain a rule enforcement or policy handbook, the parents will not know what the boundaries and guidelines are. With this, parents get frustrated and sometimes it implies that they do not respect the provider.

5. Scrapes and Scratches will happen – Children who leave daycare looking clean just like when they arrived makes you think that they have not done anything all day! Remember that outside play, sandboxes, dirt, spaghetti, all involve a child’s curiosity to touch and explore. Along with this comes mess, so do not expect a child to be clean at the end of the day but they should not be terribly dirty either.

This article is meant to help all providers and parents as well so feel free to print and give to the parents you know. It is the goal of everyone to help parents to have a wonderful relationship with the daycare service provider they hired.

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