Fun In The Sun: Daycare Center Style!

by admin on February 19, 2009

Various Fun Ways to Cool Off at Daycare During the Summer

In order for kids to enjoy the summer months, they need to be brought out by their daycare providers to experience various activities to make their summer much more exciting and memorable.

It is definitely necessary for various daycare providers to see to it that they are able to come up with unique and equally exciting ways for kids to enjoy outdoor activities during the summer months. One of the most common things kids would surely enjoy during the summer is swimming. It is important for daycare centers to consider bringing their child to pools that have their own hired lifeguards to make sure that the kids will be safe at all times.

Summer months also mark dehydration for children. Chances are, you will find it much easier for children to be dehydrated that is why they need to be constantly told to drink water.

You can also think of several types of summer related games you and the kids in your daycare can enjoy. You can enjoy and rethink different types of games that you yourself used to enjoy playing when you were still a lot younger.

Another favourite game kids would surely enjoy could be playing with water balloons. If you yourself is excited of being wet, then you will definitely enjoy this summer game. Preschool and early elementary school students run the risk of being physically and emotionally hurt in a traditional water-balloon fight, and I invented a simple way to let them still have the fun, but not the pain- and get cooled off myself in the process.

The game goes simply like this- the teacher throws a water balloon into the air. If any of the kids can catch it, they may, in turn, throw it at the teacher, who cannot run away. I could count on my fingers the times that I have had a balloon has been thrown at me. Invariably, all of the children race to catch the water-balloon and then run away from it when they see that it is about to burst at the ground.

Both of these games are nice and cooling because when the children get splashed with water, they feel refreshed. The downside is that they do not get too wet while wearing day clothes instead of swimsuits.

Of course, you should never forget about the snacks that kids would surely enjoy. Since it’s summer and it’s usually a very hot season, kids would surely enjoy eating cold treats like ice cream, mixed fruits and a whole lot more. Of course, it is also important that you monitor what your kids eat in order to make sure that they would not indulge and get sick because of eating too much sweets and the like.

Not only can you make sure that they are full and satisfied, you are able to also encourage earning for other entities and people who sell various types of cold treats that your kids would surely enjoy eating.

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