Fund Raising Events: How To Make One Work For You

by admin on February 23, 2009

Characteristics: Good and Bad
Since day care fund raisers can be very difficult to organize and plan, the organizers will need to apply a genius day care fund raising idea to utilize and make the activity successful. For better and positive results, organizers should stick to the tried and tested ideas for a day care fund raising activity as new and untested ideas might jeopardize the fund raising activity. Next, the organizers should device ways and steps to help them achieve their plans of holding a day care fund raising activity. Steps such as which sponsors to approach and how to approach them, or how to broach the plan to the day care children’s parents are very important.

A lot of day care fund raising activities settle for tacky, unheard of ideas, only because the organizers want to be different. But these unheard of ideas usually bring in unfavourable results. The bad thing is that it’s not just the day care that suffers, but the children more importantly. It is so very difficult to come up with a new and good idea for a fund raising activity. But whatever the case may be, there are certain characteristics of what a good day care fund raising activity should be. What are these characteristics of a good day care fund raising idea? Add to that, what are the fund raising ideas that would usually work on normal and regular fund raisers but does not work for a day care fund raising activity? Some great fund raising activity ideas are sale, benefit dinner, yard sales where the children and parents can participate as sales persons.

Look for the Best Bargain
Just like with most fund raising events, the best day care fund raising activity idea always does not require the organizers to shell out cash in the planning stage. Most day care centres always use fund raising activity sales in order to come up with funds for the day care centre maintenance cost and the children needs, like playground facilities water and food. This applies if the items to be sold in the day care fund raising activity were gotten by the organizers for free from contributions and donations. In other words, these items were donated by sponsors or individuals. If this is not the case, then the organizers will have to shell out cash up front to pay for the items to be sold in the day care fund raising activity. In this arrangement, the organizers will have to come up with a mark-up range or percentage. For every sale made, the organizers should take back the cost of each item and give the profit, to the day care centre director as funds donated for the day care centre and its children enrolees.

This can be a good idea if the day care centre has enough funds, but in this case, failure becomes an option, particularly because there is a good chance that the organizers might not be able to sell all the items. And history states hat they will not sell all of the items. Thus sending all their efforts, and if ever, the children’s and parents’ efforts as well, down the drain.

Donations are Good
Facts show that the best way to hold fund raising sales is to sell items that were collected through donations. The perfect example, parents can bake goodies from their homes and bring these to the organizers. The baked goods can be pies, tarts, dough nuts etcetera. These goodies are given by the parents to the organizers for free as donations. In this scenario, the day care will not need to spend cash up front. The organizers of the day care fund raising activity can also ask for used items from the children’s parents. Clothes, toys, books, gadgets, furniture, among other things, may be dropped off on a particular day, and then sold on the day of the day care fund raising activity.

Organizers can also seek the help of professional fund raising organizers. It is normal practice that these professionals collect a certain percentage of all the revenues gathered from the day care fund raising activity. Their professional fee will be strictly taken from the revenue and not from the day care centre’s share of the funds produced. The day care’s share is its’ own and will go to its’ bank account for the care and maintenance of its facilities and salaries or allowances or personnel.

Considering Safety Is Good
The organizers are advised to come up with children-safe ideas and activities for the fund raising activity as these activities will certainly involve the day care fund raising activities’ target market, the children. Ones a child’s safety is compromised, the organizers should be held responsible and should assume responsibility. Safety precautions should also be considered for the parents. As with the children’s safety, the organizers should be held responsible in case a parents’ safety has been compromised. The organizers again should assume responsibility. With parental advice and strict watch, a benefit dinner can be a good idea for a day care fund raising activity, where the day care facility is transformed into a small restaurant and the children serve as waiters, waitresses and chefs to their parents and paying guests. In this scenario, a uniform amount is paid by each guest.

The time and date are of important value and must be greatly considered by the organizers for the day care fund raising activity. Weekends are the best times as parents are usually free from work and the day care facility is free. Weekends also means that the invited public are free to attend the fund raising activity of the day care centre. The time and date of a day care fund raising activity are major factors to the success of the day care fund raising activity.

Finally, the activity or activities should be enjoyable for the children and their parents. It should also be educational for the children and allow the parents to spend quality time with their children. The fund raising activity is for the children and for their benefit after all.

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