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by admin on June 17, 2009

Most people have this dream of opening a business that they really are passionate with but oftentimes, this does not happen. What discourages people from starting a business is their lack of money. A business usually means shelling out money and you must need a huge amount of capital in order to start a business.

If you really want to open a child care business, there are certain ways in which you can fund for the business. There are so many financial sources which you can ask help from so that you will be able to achieve your dream of taking care of children.

The best way to fund for you child care business is through your saving. If you have the money, then there should not be anything that will stop you from venturing in a child care business. If you do not have the right amount of funds, then you can ask for help in order to be able to start your business. You may choose to ask help from family, friends and even from the bank.

You family and friends are the best people whom you can run to if you need to have money for your business. These are the people whom you are close with which will make it easier for you to borrow money from. When borrowing money, make sure that you tell them that you will pay back whatever amount you borrowed or depending on your arrangements. Keep in mind that it is better to borrow from a single person rather than from many people. This will make paying them back easier and much more convenient.

Daycare center loans are available for those who cannot find funding sources for their business. There are daycare center loaning companies which provide mortgages for commercial use. This makes it sound so simple, when you have a property, you are good to go. Contrary to what you may think, this is a risky choice for your daycare center. This provides a high rate of foreclosure which will make the property owners think twice about having to let others borrow their property.

If you are one of those borrows who have experienced borrowing or have has dealt with loans before, then this may be a good choice. Banks usually give out loans to daycare centers on a fixed rate, usually 5 years and 20 amortization schedules. These loans to value op purchase usually hang at approximately 70%. The refinances go up to 60%. There are even some loans which require a 2 year tax return accompanied by a 1.4 debt coverage ratio. This debt coverage ratio shows the cash flow in the business. This conventional financing will have the least benefits that will only lead to over analyzing management of the business. And with business, over analyzing can lead to wrong decisions and so the business fails.

A better way of financing a daycare center is by the use of SBA loans. This is such a flexible banking loan since it ensures the loan for the bank. If you want to borrow money, you only have to pay as low as 15% on purchases which means 85% loan to value. With a conventional financing, usually is requires a 40% down payment. A 1.1 debt coverage ratio is allowed and makes it easier for your daycare center to comply with. This provides flexibility and ease in starting your day care business. A good thing about this is that it can be used for refinancing of current daycare center loans. If the SBA program is included, loan to values can get up to 85%.

There are even some loans which do not give Tenant Improvement Loans. This will only add to issues that might come up such as not being able to follow their business plan. Particularly when it comes to the design of the daycare center, it can push the owner to comply with whatever is there for them to use even if it means having a smaller space. This is what the banks do to be assured of the commercial real estate. What happens in that the capital will be greater in the value rather than the percentage. In order to be able to have the leased place for a certain amount, there is a certain percentage which you must already have upon claiming the loan. They usually require a 10-15% of the total amount of tenant costs to be paid there. This may sound so cheap but what if you would want to own the place? This 10-15% will translate to higher amount of money shelled out. This is a better choice since this has a lower monthly fee rather than leasing on the property.

There are other grants provided by the government when it comes to funding for your business. These grants are your best solution when it comes to this problem. If you have a grant, then you would not need to pay back the money that you used for your daycare business. Applying to most of these grants will get you a higher chance of getting the approval of these grants. There are so many guidelines which you can use when choosing the right grants. You may search online or read business books, these will really help. Do not get tired of applying grants because it may take long to get approved, but it is really rewarding.

It all depends on your needs that will allow you choose a perfect way of funding for your daycare. There may be certain deals that will work for you, but some which will not. Do not get blinded by the fact that all of these will be your easiest solution to start a daycare business. You should be able to weigh the pros of each so that you will prevent incurring losses rather than profiting from this. When you have chosen the way that you will fund your project, it will be easier to set out a plan on how to pay for it. As long as you do follow this, your business will be good.

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