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by admin on February 22, 2009

Consolidating Ideas
In organizing a fund raising activity for a day care centre, the organizers must consolidate, scrutinize, discuss, approve or disapprove all ideas that they can use, apply and implement for the fund raising activity. All these fund raising ideas are imperative mainly because the kind of ideas the organizers will apply and implement determines whether the event will be a success or not. These ideas, when implemented, must produce positive results for the children, and not only for the day care centre. Therefore, the organizers must implement a full proof idea with supporting plans for the fund raising activity for the benefit of the children and the day care centre.

Organizing and holding a day care fund raising activity are in some parts difficult particularly because it is a lot different from the normal fund raising activity as the main attendees, beneficiaries and persons involved in the event are children. These children will be the significant contributors as well in the organizers efforts, and like it or not, they are the cause, means and end of these events. The difficulty lies mostly in the planning stages

Meetings will be held amongst organizers and volunteers. Disagreements will happen. Distribution and division of action takes place. Giving out information to the public and meetings with possible sponsors and donors takes place. This is where hard work and action takes place, inviting and convincing the sponsors and the public to participate in an event for a good cause. That is why the right ideas are of utmost importance.

Here are some tried and tested ideas the organizers can use and develop for their fundraising activity and event.

The item sale is the most common and the most highly regarded idea for a fund raising activity because it has always given the organizer positive and favourable results. The item sale is so common as it requires very minimal effort in planning and not much money to organize. In a normal fund raising activity item sale, organizers buy objects that are auctioned off or sold to bidders and buyers. But in a day care fund raising activity, organizers seek sponsors who will and can contribute items to be sold in the fund raising activity. The organizers look for and set up meetings with sponsors by talking to owners of establishments within the daycares’ vicinity and surrounding neighbourhood. They, both organizers and sponsors, can agree on a profit share scheme. The share of profit of the sponsor will be added to the amount the items were sold for and given to the sponsor, while the profit share of the organizers go to the day care centre. Obviously, this will not require the organizer to spend a single cent.

The baked goods sale idea. It is in this idea that the organizers approach and ask the parents of each day care child enrolee to contribute baked goods to be sold in the fund raising activity. This is more effective than approaching possible sponsors and has the capacity to earn more funds for the day cay centre. The organizers sell the baked goods for a certain price to attract customers or at an agreed mark-up for a profit. In an agreed mark-up set-up, the organizers will have to share the profit with the parents. The profits that the organizers collect will be added to the amount the baked goods items were sold for and given to the day care centre. The children’s parents can even sell the goods themselves for a great bonding activity with their children. The parents can also help in promoting the fund raising activity of the day care centre through their means like email, and by inviting their own friends and officemates, family members and relatives.

As far as location goes, the day care centre itself is often at the top of the list. Organizers redecorate the day care centre for the fund raising activity. Next would be the door to door type of selling. Both ways are very good and often produce positive and great results for the children and the day care centre. Aside from not requiring too much money to plan, the children are often very excited with this type of idea knowing that they will get the chance to spend time with their parents and friends.

Add to these, the organizer can also take into consideration of the parents’ main focus and primary attention: their children. The children can take center stage as organizers can sell items that the kids made themselves. Or they can sell these children’s pictures, as for greeting cards. Though it may not seem a good idea, parents will be more than glad to help and see their kids through this fund raising activity

Organizing is Easy!
Though it was stated earlier that the difficult part lies in organizing and planning a fund raising activity, planning such fund raising activity does not involve rocket science. Day care fund raisers are wonderful fund raisers, particularly if the organizers involve the children. The centre can be turned into a mini-restaurant, and the children will be the waiters and waitresses where they can wear costumes made by themselves. Some of them can even go into a make shift kitchen and play chefs, complete with toques (chef’s hat) and prepare the food, an idea the parents will definitely enjoy. Parents will surely embrace the idea of, for once, being served and cooked for by their children.

Must be Fun
Other ideas abound which the organizer can consider, apply and use for the fund raising event. The organizer must consider that these ideas must have the element of fun for the kids. Fun, fun, fun! When people give the idea of fun to a kid, their eyes suddenly glow and light up like light bulbs. It’s the best way to entice children to attend and, more importantly, participate in a fund raising activity. It becomes another venue for them to play and laugh with the other children. Surely they will appreciate it more when their parents and family are in it.

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