Fundraising For Child Daycare Should Be Easy And Fun

by admin on April 7, 2009

Just like any other advocacies of groups or organizations, fundraising is also done to invite money for child daycare centers. But unlike other group’s fundraising activities, children will be present in this endeavour regardless of their involvement in the fundraising program. The reason behind this is that this activity is done for their welfare and thus their presence will surely attract more fund sources. Fundraising for children is as noble as for instance fundraising for the environment. Ensuring that the children in a daycare get only the quality service also means a heftier budget that is why fundraising is deemed helpful. Since children will be involved in this undertaking, organizers will have to give special attention to child concerns. This issue will have to be significantly considered when planning and preparing for a fundraising campaign.

When planning for a fundraising activity, organizers must have an appropriate them and content to encourage people specifically parents to participate in the campaign. Without an appropriate theme, your campaign will be a bit dull and may even seem disorganized; and without the right content, parents may be discouraged and feel that they do not fit in to your advocacy.

Pick an appropriate theme. When planning what could be the concept of your campaign and brainstorming on ideas to execute during the fundraising activity, think about children. Everything about children must be portrayed in your activity since the campaign is for their benefit. Your event naturally should be child-friendly where kids could easily relate to. Being that, your event must cater to all ages and should not discriminate certain age groups or special needs. Your fundraising activities and ideas should also be appropriate for daycare fundraising. For instance, a date auction is a hit for high school and college fundraising but it is not for child daycare. Think about ideas that will involve the children in the daycare such as a bake sale. The theme of your fundraising activity should not be too grandiose or complicated making donors hesitate whether you really needed funding or not. It should be simple as possible and getting the participation of children in your activity will make it even more appealing.

Your fundraising event’s theme must also match the interests of your potential donors and attendees so that they will be persuaded to be involved in your cause and donate. By being mindful of the concept or theme of your fundraising event, you can expect your campaign to be successful.

Choose an appropriate content. After you have decided what appropriate theme to use, being the organizer of a child daycare fundraising campaign makes you responsible in choosing well the content of your event. If you choose to sale items so you can generate money, make sure that the items for sale are also child-friendly. Take extra effort in making certain that the things for sale are fit for all no matter what the age is. If for example a family decides to visit your set-up and find nothing appropriate for them, they will not be persuaded to donate. It is always an important thing to consider that fundraising for children should also be family friendly. Enjoin parents to donate by winning them with your purpose. Have that purpose delivered with the right thing and the right content. This not only protects the image of your daycare center but convinces parents to donate funds as well.

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