Fundraising Ideas for a Daycare

by admin on May 11, 2009

In this unstable economic climate, daycare fundraising is not an option; it is sometimes necessary to keep the daycare business going.  Fundraising events can be fun and also provide a means of increased visibility for your daycare. With a little creativity, there is no limit to the variety of fundraising events your daycare can hold.


Food and Candy Fundraisers

Buying food items through a fundraising company and then reselling them for profit is one of the easiest ways to raise funds in a short period of time. Daycare businesses and their families can sell chocolate bars, beef jerky, cookies, etc.  For those worried about calories and fat, try fat free fruit snacks like Welch’s Fruit Snacks Variety Packs.  Another good idea is to try to contract with your local high school sports team to operate the concession stands at home games.


Pre-sell/Brochure Fundraising

Through fundraising companies, daycare businesses can sell items from colorful brochures to raise money. Children and parents can show the brochure s to family and friends and ask them to purchase items like flower bulbs, candles, and stationery to support the daycare. Sellers should collect the money at the time of the sale and the sale should last about two weeks. Items like personalized books from Personalized Books USA are great sellers.


Recycling Fund Raisers

A recycling fundraiser is an earth-friendly way to secure additional funding for your daycare. Hold a recycling drive and ask the families in your daycare as well as those in the community to bring in their recyclables . Request everything from the usual plastic, glass, and paper, to used printer cartridges, computers, and cell phones. Locate organizations like Funding Factory which offer programs for educational and nonprofit organizations and gives them extra funds for recycling e-waste.


Artwork Sales and Auctions

Another unique way of childcare fundraising is through artwork sales or auctions. Scan your students’ artwork and then make note cards out of them. You can also frame artwork and find creative ways to showcase crafts. Then hold a note card sale or artwork and crafts auction.



Hold a small walkathon in your local park. Children and adults can participate, using friends, family, coworkers and neighbors as sponsors. Then set a simple and specific goal for the walkers like 5 laps or 5 miles. Participants should ask sponsors to pledge by the lap or to make a lump sum donation. You can also add other fun events like a teeter-totter or swinging contests to see who can endure the longest.


Bake Sales and Car Washes

Bake Sales are also an easy way to generate cash. Ask parents to volunteer to bring in baked goods and sell them for profit. Hold periodic car washes in your neighborhood. Ask parents to volunteer as well to wash cars, generate traffic, make signs, and handle sales.


Be sure to make use of the families in your daycare. Ask them to make flyers, posters, and volunteer their time. Many parents are happy to help. There is also a wealth of information in print and on the internet. A daycare financing guide can provide a variety of way to raise funds for your thriving daycare business.

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