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by admin on March 23, 2009

Every daycare should have an insurance. Before your daycare becomes operational, make sure that your business and its services is covered by insurance. This insurance will be very beneficial in protecting you, your employees and the business in case of fortuitous events, accidents and liabilities.

There are different insurance policies that you can choose from. Each one is different from another depending on the coverage that it provides. You might need to get an insurance that would protect you and your business from unforeseen eventuality. During the admission process, the parents should be required to fill out daycare forms and submit medical records for the child to make sure that any medical needs are met and to prepare for the medicines that can counter allergic reactions. These forms should be accomplished and duly signed by the parents to make sure that they understand and agree to the terms and services that you will be providing in the daycare. In addition, you can also request a copy of immunization records of the child with the physician’s signature. Doing this can protect you from possible lawsuit in the future. As you already know, children are naughty and rough, and accidents are sometimes unavoidable. In this case, liability insurance can be extremely helpful.

Each state can impose different rules and guidelines on child care. This is the reason why you need to procure necessary licenses and permits from your local government before your daycare center can start to operate. Insurance is one of the requirements that you need to have. Insurance gives you medical coverage. It’s a big relief covering medical expenses of the children in cases of accidents. However, you also have to consider the limitations of the coverage. The accident should be covered by your insurance policy. Usually if the accident happened within your daycare premises, it can be automatically covered. Liability insurances do not cover child abuse but it pays the damages in case you lose in court.

The amount that you are willing to pay for the insurance determines what liabilities are covered. The more money you pay for the insurance, the wider the scope of the coverage becomes. If in the event that you need to pay for medical expenses of a child that has been hospitalized, the insurance will cover the payment to the extent of the insurance’s coverage. If the bill is more that what is covered by the insurance, you need to pay it by your own. It is always wise to have a high premium on your insurance since medical expenses can be very expensive.

If you feel that you are ignorant on the different coverage of the insurance, feel free to seek advice from lawyers or from your insurance company. They can discuss to you the details as to the differences of these insurances and be able to suggest the type of coverage that is suited for your business. You don’t have to be thrifty when it comes to your daycare insurance. The insurance can give you a peace of mind as you know that your business and the children are in good hands.

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