Getting Creative in your Daycare Center

by admin on August 23, 2009

Being creative with the activities for your daycare proves to be the hardest task for daycare owners. This challenge is multiplied by the age range catered by your daycare business because for every age, there is an appropriate activity to achieve a certain milestone. Of course the aim of your daycare center is the imparting of knowledge but you must also remember that the knowledge that you give should be appropriate for the mental age of the children enrolled to your center. Another thing to consider is the fun factor of the learning activities because research shows that children learn more when they are having fun.

It is also imperative that it is more important that the children are the ones enjoying rather than you. Keeping them busy will work as an advantage to you because it can buy you time to tend to your other needs. As you go on with your planned activities, it may feel like it is gradually becoming a routine. Read on to learn some few tips to juggle things up without compromising the children’s learning experience.

Every daycare facilitator must know the value of play time. Through play, the children can develop their creativity and socials skills as well. A structured set-up will bring order to your daycare but don’t forget to be flexible and versatile for the children not to lose interest in learning.

Theme based daycare centers are fast growing popularity because they are hip and fun which the children like. There are plenty of daycare center themes to choose from. For starters, try to play with colors, seasons, holidays, animals, etc as the central object for your theme. These themes may also be the guide for your activites such as a safari drawing contest, a Christmas card making activity, etc.

Acting is also beneficial for the children. Start by giving them a general scenario and give them freedom on how they would like to continue the story. Providing them with costumes and props may further improve this activity. Giving this kinds of activities is a great way of breaking the daycare routine and, not to mention, will boost the children’s creativity.

Totally dried up your creative juices? Why not ask the children what they would like to do for the day for a change? Assign one day of a week to be a day when the children gets to choose what activities they want to do. Surely you will get a myriad of ideas. To settle conflicts, suggest to the children to take turns in presenting their ideas to ensure that everybody is heard. This activity will instill confidence and accomplishment in the fragile minds of the young children.

It is very natural for the children to become very helpful. Use this to your advantage in accomplishing your tasks. Letting them experience adult jobs lets them feel that they are needed and they are important in this world. Try to give them simple and easy tasks first like putting the toys bag in the toy chest, arranging recently used books into piles or rows, etc.

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