Gift Ideas for Young Children on Mother’s Day

by admin on May 31, 2009

What better time to encourage the creativity and imagination of young children than mother’s day? A child’s love for his or her mother can be best expressed with a craft they’ve made with their own two hands. Also, these types of projects will allow preschool children enhance their motor skills, create visual awareness, and learn simple artistic processes. The ideas below will help the preschoolers in your class to make one-of-a-kind gifts for their moms

Simple Mother’s Day Gift ideas for preschoolers

These suggestions are all very basic and simple. However, they can greatly contribute to the overall development of a child and also make excellent gifts.

• Free paint: What you will need is some tempera paint in different colors, paint brushes, and construction paper
• Clay sculpture: Let the preschoolers in you class play with modelling clay. You’ll be surprised with what they can make out of it.
• Basic collage: Collage simply means to paste or to glue. Give the children some paper, non-toxic glue, and safety scissors and provide them with simple instructions.
• Drawing: Prepare crayons, colored pencils, markers, or water color, and let the children use the coloring or writing material they want.

More Sophisticated Mother’s Day Art Projects

The following activities are still simple but are more specific and detail-oriented. You may modify or improvise the projects according to the age of the children in your class.

• Tissue Paper Flowers: Teach the children to bend a colored pipe cleaner around folded tissue paper. Have them make several flowers to form a bouquet.
• Stained Glass Vase: Paint some clear glue on a clean glass jar and let the children add tissue and more glue.
• Mommy collage: Print out individual pictures of the kids in your class and teach them to form the pictures and other images that remind them of their mother, into a collage.
• Decorated Hand Prints: Cover each child’s hand with tempera paint and have them press their hands on a piece of construction paper. Once the paper is dry, have them cut it into a heart and write dedications like “I love you”.

Bridging Art and Other Curricular Areas through simple Mother’s Day Art Activities

Art also has the ability to connect different areas of education. These Mother’s Day art projects incorporate art and other learning objectives.

• Mother’s Day Flowers: Plan a sunflower or pumpkin seedling in a used (but clean) milk container. Have the children paint the exterior of the container before putting soil in it. The children can also improve the look of the pot by decorating it with glitter.
• Mother’s Day Book: This activity will not only enhance a child’s pre-literacy abilities, but also make them learn basic book making. Hep the children create a 3-page book about their mom, out of construction paper tied together with yard, ribbon, or pipe cleaners.
• Family Tree: Have the children draw or paint a big tree on a piece of white paper, and paste small pictures of their family members on the branches.
Making hand-made gifts for moms can be a rewarding and fun experience for both you and the preschoolers in your class. So, encourage the creativity and inventiveness of your class. It will not just allow them to give their mom a wonderful gift, it will also give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Creating Mother’s Day Gifts with Very Young Children

Children aged 2-5 are just starting to have an idea of sharing and giving. These economical and simple Mother’s Day gift ideas will give young children a chance to create their own gifts.

Mothers are exceptional people who are worthy of nothing but the best. Mother’s Day is really the best moment to show mothers how much their presence is appreciated. The following are three inexpensive souvenir ideas a toddler can give his or her mom on Mother’s day.

Trouble-free and economical Gifts for the mothers from toddlers

Objects around the residence can be used by little children in creating their mother’s day gift. Although very little children need guidance and assistance, allow them to put in as much effort they possibly can.

Flower Bouquet: An older sibling or another grown up in the family could help a youngster get flowers or come with them to buy some.

Supplies needed:

• Flower vase and/or a nice-looking plastic glass
• Wildflowers and/or flowers in the garden
• Ribbon (non-compulsory)


1. Pick or buy some wildflowers and/or flowers available in the garden
2. Trim the stems to diverse lengths as well as cut off inferior leaves.
3. Arrange the flowers in the vase (or attractive glass) and load it halfway through with water.
4. Bind a ribbon around the vase plus create a bow.
5. Have the youngster present it as his or her mom on that day.

Mother’s Day Greeting Card: Young children love drawing and coloring.

Materials needed:

• White paper
• Pens, and/or markers, then stamp pads, as well as crayons, and/or stickers


1. Fold a portion of white paper into two or quarters.
2. Have the child adorn the greeting card through his personal approach using markers, or crayons, and pens, or stickers provided.
3. An older siblings or adult can write the dedication and lead in cleaning up a few mess.
4. Hide the card and let the child give it to mom on her day.

Gift for Ten Dollars or less

Materials and ingredients:

• handy Rice Krispie Treats – can be purchased from the cereal section of any local store or grocery
• Hershey Bars
• Confetti decorations or candy sprinkles


1. Take away Rice Krispie Treats from packaging. Cut into two or leave as it is. Put on microwave-safe plate.
2. Take out Hershey Bars from packaging. Break into distinct squares.
3. Microwave on high for 10 seconds at a time until chocolate is soft.
4. Let child dust the krispie with confetti or candy sprinkles while the chocolate on top is still soft.
5. Allow the krispies to cool completely and keep them in a sealed container.
6. Give the treats to Mommy.

Young kids love giving their mom gifts. So allow them to be as creative as they can when making artworks, homemade projects, or the like. Just remember to get the help of older siblings or adults in areas that may require their assistance. Creating their own gift will definitely make Mother’s Day extra special. And although these projects only cost nothing or below $10, the happiness they can give a mother is priceless.

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