Going back to Work and Daycare Issues

by admin on July 18, 2009

A few months after giving birth, it is normal for a parent to want to go back to work for random reasons. Sometimes it is the need to earn money that drives a mother to work again. During these times, one of the biggest problems that parents encounter is looking for someone who can take care of their child once they are off to work. It is evident that you cannot give your parents, the kid’s grandparents or other relatives the responsibility to look after your child. So the answer to this problem is going to a day care facility or hiring a nanny. However choosing the best solution between the two options given is a difficult task. You should consider a lot of factors in choosing what is best for your child.

One of the advantages of day care facilities over hiring nannies is the fact that your child will be able to interact with other kids his age and with other adults as well in a day care center. These interactions are important to enhance the social skills of the child.

However, whichever solution you picked, you should not make decisions easily. You should be able to evaluate properly the people you will choose to look after your child. For day care facilities, you should check them out personally and judge for yourself if their staff is well trained to handle kids. Asking other parents about the performance of a particular day care could also be done.

For nannies, you should ask recommendations from people who have hired nannies for their kids. After asking around, the potential people for the job should be interviewed for you to be able to judge their personality and for you to know how they would handle sample situations in dealing with your child. Going to an agency which provides nanny services is also a good option since the agency has already made background checks on their nannies and you can be sure that they are quite well trained.

Making sure that your child receives the utmost attention and care that he needs when you are not around is not an easy task. It is something that should be given priority before you decide to go back to work. Making the decision of what to choose between a day care center or a nanny and deciding on which facility you should enrol your children or which agency to hire a nanny should be done based on the recommendations from friends and credentials that you have evaluated yourself.

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