Going Beyond Raising Just Funds For Your Daycare Center

by admin on March 22, 2009

Daycare centers need to seize fundraisers once in a while in order to gather funds for their operations. This is particularly true if the daycare is a public organization instead of a private one. In order to carry on its activities, a daycare center will require to have enough money; hence, the need for daycare fundraisers.

Those who systematize a daycare fundraiser often fret whether or not to engage the child in the fundraiser for daycare. In the usual school fundraiser, the students are part of the organizing committee and of the manpower and staff during the endeavour. However, since the children in a daycare are still too youthful to have huge donations in the daycare fundraising activity, many falter to have the children contribute.

How to Take Advantage of a Great Learning Experience
Children’s participation in the daycare fundraiser is not obligatory, of course, but giving them little responsibilities in the endeavour has a number of benefits – not just for the event itself but mostly for the kids. For the children’s part, their participation in the fundraiser will be an outstanding learning knowledge. After all, this may be one of their first opportunity to have a real liability in a huge incident.

This, in itself, will teach them precious lessons, such as the significance of working hard and the contentment of accomplishment. Their duties can be varied – from something as minor as support during a sale or something as major as coming up with a fund raising idea for the event.

Of course, the adults in the daycare should still always support and assist the children. The children should not do most of the work in the daycare fundraiser basically because they can’t. The children, in any circumstance, should not be asked to do serious tasks for the event, as these are further than there capabilities. It should be the adults who are in charge instead of the children, and not the other way around. But their involvement will be a valuable knowledge for them, which might become one of their more determining experiences during their younger years.

As for the daycare center’s part, the children’s participation will be helpful since their presence can provide the event an air of genuineness and a sense of urgency. All these can lead to the success of the fundraiser for daycare. This is not to say that fundraisers for daycare without the help of the brood are any less genuine.

However, it can help if the possible donors see the kids who will be the straight beneficiaries of the fundraiser. Once they see the children who will benefit from their contributions, they will feel more compelled to donate.

There is nothing wrong either if the center decides to hold a daycare fundraiser devoid of the presence of the children. This, too, can create a number of benefits (for one, assisting the children can be troublesome and can sluggish you down). But benefits of allowing the children help often counteract the negatives. In the end, the whole effort is for and about the children.

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