Halloween Preschool Activity: Halloween Cookie Cutter Art

by Carla on October 20, 2009

Early learning goals for preschool age children involve creative development objectives. According to Mary Mayesky*, “People who work with young children need to understand creativity and have the skills to help and encourage children to express their creative natures. They should realize the importance of creativity for both children and teachers. They should be able to identify creativity in children and be able to help them develop a willingness to express this creativity”.

Preschool teachers and daycare providers have the opportunity to promote creative development by providing art activities that explore an array of media and materials. Creative art activities should also encourage imagination.

This Halloween Cookie Cutter Art lesson plan includes the materials list, preparation instructions and procedures for this activity. Also included are age appropriate learning objectives and an example of the simple supporting verbal cues required to encourage participation and support learning in a child day care center.

Halloween Cookie Cutter Art Materials List

  • Cookie cutters in a variety of Halloween shapes
  • Construction paper (one for each child)
  • Tempura Paint (in a variety of colors)
  • Shallow containers (i.e. pie tins)
  • Glitter
  • Butcher Paper

Activity Preparation

  • Cover a craft table with butcher paper
  • Gather all the materials
  • Pour tempura paint into pie tins
  • Place all materials on the table

Procedure for Activity

  1. Invite the children over and tell them that you will be making Halloween pictures on construction paper using cookie cutters dipped in paint.
  2. Show the children how to dip cookie cutters into the paint.
  3. Press the cookie cutter on the construction paper to create a design.
  4. Encourage children to make their own designs on their construction paper.
  5. Add glitter to the paints.
  6. Continue stamping until the design is complete.

Halloween Cookie Cutter Design Objectives

Objective 1

To provide the opportunity for expressive activities through cookie cutter art by having the children create designs using cookie cutters.

  • Verbal Cue A: Today we are going to create Halloween designs using cookie cutters!
  • Verbal Cue B: I have lots of colors for you to use to make a design.

Objective 2

To encourage spontaneity in material usage by allowing the children to choose their desired colors and to mix the colors they choose

  • Verbal Cue A: Which color would you like choose first?
  • Verbal Cue B: I like the way you are mixing your colors!

Objective 3

To introduce textured materials by adding glitter to the paint in which the children will dip their cookie cutters.

  • Verbal Cue A: Let’s add glitter to the paint.
  • Verbal Cue B: Let’s see what it feels like after we add glitter to the paint and the paint dries.

Halloween Cookie Cutter activity adapted from “Cookie Cutter Prints” on the Preschooleducation.com website.
*Reference: Creative Activities for Young Children by Mary Mayesky [Delmar Cenage Learning, 2001]

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