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by admin on February 3, 2009

When talking about tax, most business owners would run away from the issue as much as possible. If ever you had your own home based child care business in the year 2007 then you may feel overwhelmed about your taxes hence it is important for you to understand all the facts that you have to deal with when it comes to tax payment. Despite the fact that you have someone who complete your taxes or if you are doing all the process by yourself, there are a lot of things that you must be aware of in order to go through the process as smooth as possible.

* The very first thing that could pop up into your mind is the question of whether it would be nice to have someone who can prepare the papers for you or if you just have to do all the complicated by your own. As a rule of thumb, nothing beats doing the process by yourself since you can get rid of professional fees or any other cost that may arise from hiring a professional.

* However, it would be wise to attend first a seminar so you could understand all the rules that is available in any tax filing. Look for seminars that deal with taxes for child care business or you could simply ask the help of an government agency to teach you the methods that you have to learn. Further, it would also help if you can check with other local community colleges, daycare providers, or child care organizations so you could ask them about the critical issues that you have to understand in terms of tax collection. Gear yourself with a lot of patience since you will need a lot of it in order to get through the process.

* However, there will be times when it would be wiser to seek the help of a professional in order to complete your taxes, particularly during those moments when you are not fully aware of the items that you have to be addressed. Also, seeking for their help may also open the probability of more deductions that could create a big difference on your budget. After then, you may want to go back to the process of doing everything by yourself.

* Another question to mull about is the list of deductions that you should be claiming. One of the best claims that you could incorporate to save on your money is the claim for mileage. Keep in mind that a home daycare provider is given the ability to claim for mileage for any kind of trip by which the child care business has done. This would even include the simple trip into the grocery store during those times when you have to buy food for the daycare. You could even incorporate all of those trips that you do in order to buy art supplies or toys. Even those trips to the bank so you could deposit child care income should be included.

* Furthermore, one deduction that you could claim is the cost of food and supplies that you use for your child care. As simple as it may sound, this is considerably among the biggest tax deduction that you could claim!

* There are basically two methods that you can follow in keeping track with this aspect. First, you can shop separately for the entire list of foods which is needed by the daycare and your family. And secondly, you can shop for both at the same time, wherein you could just separate items that are used for your daycare later on your receipt.

* There are other claims for deduction that you can place, hence it is highly needed if you can ask around or perform your research first so you will have a full understanding of all your rights and privileges when it comes to tax deductions. For sure, some other daycare owners in your locality will be more than happy to cooperate with you when it comes to tax issues, thus you don’t have to feel dubious in asking around.

* Now, if you like to have a professional to complete your taxes, you should ensure that you possess all the necessary information with you during your initial meeting. This is because of the fact that doing this process will in fact help you to save a big portion of your money in terms of tax preparation fees since you wont have to meet the accountant every now and then. In fact, there are a lot of accountants who would charge less in case they had less work to do. With this, it is wise to prepare most of the information that will be needed along the way before meeting with them.

* Furthermore, you can bring a sheet that gives a calculation of your time-space formula, the total amount of income that your business is making, a mileage log, a complete list of all the expenses, and various other vital informations which are somewhat relevant to the business like your tax id for example. You should also see to it that you will be able to back up the entire list of information that you give with receipts so you will have something to show just in case your accountant wants to see them. In case you do not possess everything that the accountant wants then you don’t have to worry at all since you can always get them later if necessary. But it will always be nice if you can be as prepared as you can since this will lead you to a cheaper result!

You see, being aware of every expense that your company would make is a vital move to ensure that you will be paying lesser than the amount that you expect in your business tax. With this, it is helpful if you can be as organized as much as possible. Keep all the receipts and maintain a list of expenses.

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