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by admin on December 11, 2008

Working from home is a great way to spend time with children yet still have the financial capacity to be able to live comfortably. As a husband, this may seem to be an unpopular choice, especially when one spends a great deal of time with mommies. But the emotional rewards far outweigh the financial benefits. One can have the flexibility to choose the day’s activities without need for re scheduling of office work.

One way to make all these grand concepts feasible is starting a day care facility. Home day care facilities seem to be appealing to them as they are with children at home, so why not expand it and make it a rewarding chore. One has the experience for it anyways, after all one tends to one’s own children all day everyday. Besides, it would be great experiences to have kids interact with others. With these in mind, one knows deep inside once can make this work.

One needs to really discern if one wants to enter this realm of day care. Can one handle more kids with the same needs and varying temperaments? Admittedly, one’s own children are already a handful. So why would one want more work, and this time with other people’s children. Many have experienced many soiled diaper runs and changing toddler’s clothes while running around the house.

And the wildfire syndrome. One child affects another and thus if one cries all the others start to follow suit. And often, one tries to be the loudest as if to show that more anguish is in me. This crescendo of crying oftentimes breaks down even steel willed individuals. And if not moody, one becomes mischievous and as one child does it, others would copy cat it. Just like a wildfire.

When playing, one would be forced to run around to keep up with the bundle of energy still fragile to the outside world. There’s the reasoning out, the disobedience or just plain mischief. And yes, things get broken and knees scraped and heads bumped. It’s play action all the time.

In daycare, can one handle it? Toilet training is a minimum requirement. But one has to take care of all the other aspects. The Mischief. The Wildfire syndrome. And the running and jumping and disobedience that comes with kids their age. Parents become tired with their own offspring, would it not be magnified when one undertakes the woes of others? Can one really be on play action for all the kids under one’s care and supervision?

So daycare is not just about soothing naps and play times and reading time. It’s about controlling whirling dervishes able to reason out and mess up an otherwise idyllic existence. One can do this, with the following tips.

a) Keep hazardous material away from children’s reach. Like on the roof or under lock and key away from the day care area.

b) Cover all soilable house material. Spillage will be a common occurrence do a chamois couch is a definite no-no in day care.

c) Be prepared physically and mentally. Learn to drown out crying to focus on the real issues.

d) First Aid must always be within arm’s reach.

e) Pray. It helps.

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