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by admin on June 14, 2009

A toddler is a child whose age ranges between one and three tears old.

From one year old to two years of age, toddlers in daycares are observed to have the ability to emulate their parents when they see them read and write. They are full of life, are always busy and are full curiosity. They only believe in themselves. They have that trait of repeating the sounds they hear and actions they see that are being done by others. They thing they can already do things on their own. If an activity does not take their interest, they will not pay attention to it. They so variations of the skills that they have learned to do. They start to realize their individuality from other children. They have the ability to play by their lonesome and with other children. Their vocabulary increases immensely. They are at the stage where they want to be read aloud to by their parents their favorite stories and books.

Between their second and third birthdays, daycare children start to scribble on paper figures that are often similar to letters. They are no much more conscious of the presence of other people. They are now more sensitive to what they are thinking and what they are feeling. This is the stage where they throw tantrums and show stubbornness. They can do actions like jump, hop, roll over, climb, run and walk. Their vocabulary will now increase four tomes compared to when they were younger. They can now speak in short sentences. They now have clear preferences about the books they want to be read aloud to them. They learn how to count. Start identifying written words like their names. They start realizing the differences between writings and drawings.

What They Need From You

Toddlers in daycare aged from one to two years old need you to show them the difference between print and books. You have to give them the opportunities to make their own decisions. You have to give them real limitations to their actions. Children in daycare need you to give them the opportunity to let them use their hands often like in moving their toy cars back and forth. Allow them the chance to use their bug muscles in their arms as well as in their legs as in crawling. Give them the opportunity to participate in activities that will let them use their five basic senses. Make them learn the effects and causes of things that happen. Present to them opportunities that will help them practice their speech. Give them the opportunities to know more about the letters of the alphabet and how to count.

Toddlers in daycare within the ages of two and three need you to present to them chances to develop their vocabulary and the chance to know more about the world they are living in like going to museums and zoos. Help them develop their hand coordination. Teach them how to be somewhat independent like getting their bottle of milk. Allow them to interact with other children by playing with them.

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