How Daycare Software Helps Child Care Businesses

by Carla on September 29, 2009

Child care software can be a lifesaver for daycare business owners. Child care software allows child care providers to manage administrative duties, thereby increasing efficiency and client satisfaction. The most important administrative duties childcare software can help manage are the following:

Create, Manage, and Retrieve Client Records

The software should allow you to quickly register families into your child care center.  Daycare software should allow you to create sorted lists of clients and should be fully searchable. The software should provide you with an option for uploading or scanning in your own custom forms. From a client’s record, you should be able to email or bill.  Daycare software can track attendance and allows you to easily create attendance reports like attendance summaries, attendance analysis, and class summaries and analysis. Quality daycare software should also allow you to upload pictures of the family and those authorized to pick children up.

Financial Functions

Daycare software manages billing and accounts receivable, which can be the most tedious of child care jobs. Look for software that allows you to make electronic payments and has automatic client billing. This means it will automatically generate based on child attendance and the rates your daycare business has established. Quality daycare software helps you bill clients for child care and day care tuition charges along with additional fees for supplies and activities then automatically bills clients based on your preferences: weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. One of the best functions of childcare software is that it allows you to use EFT payments. This saves a great deal of time because you can schedule ACH and credit card payments from clients’ accounts.

Manage Staff

The business of daycare can be hectic. Along with the records of the children you serve you are responsible for staff and their records. Childcare software helps manage staff schedules and training along with hours worked, including sick time and vacation time.

Manage Supplies and Inventory

Daycare software helps manage the status of items like toys, office equipment, damaged and stolen items, and subscriptions. This saves loads of time for your child care resource center.

There is a wide variety of child care software available for purchase on the internet.  Try performing a search for “child care software” or “daycare software”. The best way to select childcare software is by analyzing your daycare needs against the features list of the childcare software.  Once you have a few in mind, take advantage of the free trials that many childcare software companies offer to see if the software is a fit for you and your child care business.  In addition, remember that quality daycare software should offer customer support in a wide variety of formats.  Childcare software should at the very least offer you online support, telephone support, and an online searchable knowledge base.

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