How Parents And Providers Should Deal With The Big Day

by admin on February 9, 2009

The first day is always the big day!

Seeing your kid go to his daycare center for the first time can be your big source of happiness and stress. The experience is both terrifying and exciting. On the other hand, the first day is also one of the most anticipated moments of any daycare provider but aside from the excitement, there is the feeling of tension. For both the parents and the providers to deal with the process competently here are some considerations :

As a mom, it is best to prepare your kids in advance about the things that is in store for him at the daycare. Steer clear the sense of curiosity but allow him to feel excited to finally leave his cocoon so he will be able to discover the outside world away from your house. Tell him that there will be a lot of friends and games. However, keep it low since overdoing the whole thing can overwhelm your child. For the provider, it would be helpful to give moms the first name of their kids. Allow the kids to play with dolls or toy cars during the first day to break down the tension felt by students.

It is important for moms to foster independence by allowing the kid to wash their own hands and other things. As much as possible, accompany your kid to the center at least a couple of time before the classes finally starts so your kid can absorb the environment better.

Pack everything that your kid will need during his first day at school such as a pack snack, comfort toys, changing clothes, and always ensure that everything is labelled. Kids tend to be too careless at times hence it is better for you to label his items to prevent the possibility of getting lost. Ensure that all forms are completed and all payments are settled to avoid being abstracted by these tasks. Wake up earlier than the usual so you will have lots of time to prepare everything. Greet your kid with a good

breakfast and stir his sense of adventure by telling him what will happen ahead of the day.

If your kid suggests that he would like to help in packing his belongings, allow him to do so. When you arrive at the daycare center, hold his hands while you walk together through the room. Do not carry him since most kids would become afraid to let go after knowing that they have to stay on the new place without his mother.

Stay on the room during the first day; be always near his sight so he would feel comforted by your presence. If he wants to go out and be with you, allow him to do so for a few minutes but insist later on about his needs to stay inside the room. Be persistent but loving enough so your kid will feel comforted.

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