How to Balance Work and Home Life: Interview with Lesley Pyle Part 2

by Carla on February 19, 2010

Balance work and home life can be challenging. Men and women with home based businesses and young children are faced with the challenge of juggling the tasks involved in maintaining their career and successfully running a household.

This issue is one that many daycare providers or those that own childcare centers face.  Fortunately, there are many strategies that can help maintain this balance successfully. Lesley Pyle, founder and president of the National Association of Home-Based Working Moms describes the pros and cons of being a stay at home parent in part 2 of this informative interview.

OwnADaycare: What are some pros and cons of being a stay at home parent versus being in the workforce?

Lesley Pyle: Staying at home has the obvious advantage of allowing moms to be there for her children, having time to do things for your family and your home. You also have the advantage of being the one who has more input into developing your children’s values and morals. You are able to save money on childcare, gasoline, clothing, etc. On the downside, you are sacrificing your ability to earn a salary, business skills may suffer and you likely will have less adult interaction.

Being in the workforce has the opposite pros and cons. Moms who have a job are able to bring in income. They also are not able to spend as much time with their children and give up some ability to shape their morals and values.

For many moms like me, the solution is working from home. The biggest advantage I’ve found is the freedom and flexibility to create my own schedule. I’ve been working from home for over 13 years and have found it the perfect solutions.

Some benefits of working from home are:

  • Freedom and flexibility to create my own schedule.
  • Contribute to our family’s income.
  • Keep up on business skills.
  • Have more time with my kids and play a bigger role in their upbringing.
  • Have an outlet for creativity and adult interaction.
  • Less driving helps the environment and traffic issues.
  • Save money on gasoline, clothes, child care, dining out, etc.

Drawbacks of working from home for Parents

  • It takes time and patience to establish a routine that works for a person, their family and their home business.
  • Balancing kids & business or job needs without neglecting either
  • Constantly re-evaluating the situation and deciding if you need help, etc.

Benefits of working from home for kids:

  • More time with parents
  • Being there all the time for your kids, growing and bonding with them every day and helping shape their values and beliefs.
  • Ability to attend to family’s needs easier (kid’s sick, school functions, etc.)

Drawbacks of parents working at home for kids:

  • Parents can get consumed by their job or business and forget why they are working from home
  • Lots of busy things going on; juggling for parents

Part 1 of the interview with Lesley Pyle can be found here.

Lesley Pyle, MSc is the Founder & President of, Inc. Network; Home-Based Working Moms and can be found at and

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