How to choose A Daycare For Your Child

by admin on August 11, 2009

One of the biggest and most major decisions that a responsible parent will ever have to make is which daycare they will leave their children at. It is best that the daycare provider will take care of your child as close as you have. It is a fact that all daycares can not love and care for your child the way you do, but still there are providers that can provide very good services compared to others.

1. Keep in mind that when you are deciding which daycare provider is the best for your child you have to ask relevant questions. It is a fact that parents give different levels of importance to various points in child care, but when it comes to choosing a daycare for their children, all parents come together in having some concerns on the same issues. It is good to hear recommendations from other people, but what is important to your friend, may not be that important to you.

2. One the basic things that you must learn as a parent are the differences between family care centres and group centres. Commercially facilitated daycare centres that have large groups of children are called group centres and enrol at least nine children. Daycare providers that do their services in houses only allow at the most six children.

3. The best way to check for the requirements to these two types of daycare centres is to get a listing of requirement from the social services office in your state. With this, you can also ask them for a lost of recommended daycare providers. Then there also those daycare providers that are licensed by the state.

What you need to know
Then after all this is done, you have to look into the ratio between adult and child. If the ratio is at the lower end, then that is better for your child because this means more attention will be focused on your child. One of the scenarios that a parent can not ever stand is that of their child not being attended to by a daycare worker because that person has to attend to a lot more children.

Another thing that you must put your concern on is the turnover of the staff. If the ratio of turnover is at a low number, then this is good for your child. This low rate of staff turnover means that the daycare provider has achieved stability.

The next thing that you want to know is the number of years the daycare provider has been in service.

The next thing that you must consider is if you agree in the daycare providers’ policies on children taking naps, giving discipline, breaktime, playing games and the way they teach the children.

Other concerns
There are some important areas that you need to look into. You can simply give these daycare providers’ a call and they will entertain your questions about these areas. These areas should include the background checks on the employees, the providers’ emergency policies and will the provider call the parents in case something happens to the child.

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