How To Console Your Child When Brought To A Daycare Center

by admin on March 25, 2009

Separation anxiety is the major problem which every child leaving to a day care experiences at some point of time. Many parents find it really comfy leaving their child at a day care centre while they head to work as they do not have time to take proper care of their tiny tot in the morning rush. On the other hand, it is your duty to make your child feel protected while you leave him/her at the day care centre so that they are not affected by the fear of parting. You need to come up with innovative ideas for this reason.

Though many kids enjoy the new surroundings and the company of other kids, there are still many kids who suffer from separation nervousness. Your first goal should be realize your child’s needs and fears. You need to be able to differentiate between bad behaviour and separation anxiety. You need to provide your child to pass throughout this changeover phase.

The first person a child looks forward to when he/she is feeling uncomfortable is his/her parent. It is your responsibility to free your kid of all the fears and concersn in his/her mind. You need to make sure that you spend quality time with your child before and after your kids are back from the day care centre. This is a high-quality way to make your child feel relaxed and comfortable. In case you are not comfortable and anxious about leave-taking your child at a day care centre, he/she is most likely to sense the anxiousness. You must prepare yourself and be confident about leaving your child at a day care centre. Your confidence must be visible in your actions and voice so that your child feels comfy too and feels secured that you are there for him.

Oftentimes, your tiny child starts off with his usual tantrums even before getting the day care centre. Though day care issues can affect the environment at your place, you have to device ways to keep it under control. Start being consistent! Stick to the schedule that you have chalked out. Do not look up for ways to jump over your chores that you have planned. This would make it more difficult for your child to pass through the transition phase. Tell your child stories about day care centers and what usually happens there. Explain it to him why you have to leave him there. Assure him that you will be back once you are done with your work. Get books on day care stories from the local library and read it out to him at bedtime. Spend as much time as you can with him when you are home.

The changeover phase can last up to two weeks or more depending mostly on your child. In case you think he/she is showing very serious reactions while dropping him off, than what used to be there previously, it is a suggestion that you may have to call off the service as soon as likely.

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