How to Create a Daycare Newsletter

by Carla on March 9, 2011

If you own a daycare, consider writing a monthly newsletter. Why is this important? A great newsletter is a simple tool that helps keep the lines of communication open between parents and staff. What’s more, daycare newsletter helps you grow your business, increase enrollment, and stand out above and beyond your competition. Not only does it help grow your business but it helps retain clients. Newsletters also build credibility, enhance your reputation, and are a critical element in building your brand.

Daycare Newsletter Structure

A daycare newsletter should be brief; no more than 4 pages.  The front page and back pages should attract parents’ attention, so the most significant or time sensitive information should be located here. What new things will the children learn this month? Are there any important announcements? Are there changes in policy coming up?  Do you have any new clients? Welcome them to your daycare family. Get this type of information right on the first and back pages as these are the pages parents will most likely see even if they don’t open the newsletter.

Newsletter Content

The daycare newsletter should contain informative information for parents.  A few articles or personal anecdotes work. Some suggestions:

  • Tips for busy parents
  • Easy, healthy recipes parents can make at home
  • Extending lesson themes at home

Calendar of Events: Be sure to include a calendar of events for the month.  Share your breakfast, lunch and snack menu. Provide quick parenting tips for busy families.

Personal information: To make your newsletter shine feature the children and the staff in the newsletter. Mention any milestones or accomplishments of children and staff.  Take pictures of children’s artwork or other projects and highlight this in the newsletter as well.

A Few Tips for Outstanding Daycare Newsletters

Get parents involved: One way to make your newsletter stand out and also make sure that clients actually read the newsletter is to get them involved in creating the newsletter. Invite parents to write a feature article on a topic of their expertise or share a personal story.

Add pictures: Photographs are a great way to add a personal touch to the newsletter. If you do choose to use photos of the children in your care, be sure to have a photo authorization form on file for each child.

Finally, the newsletter does not need to be extra fancy, it can be a straightforward newsletter created in Microsoft Word, or search the internet for examples and free newsletter templates.

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