How to Increase Exposure and Boost Enrollment at Your Daycare Center

by admin on April 28, 2015

Owning and operating a daycare center is quite rewarding in more ways than one. Of course you love working with children and are happy to be there for mums who count on you to watch their little ones while they are at work. However, it still is a business and you would like it to be lucrative. Raising enrollment naturally brings in more money but you may be at a loss as to how to go about doing that. Should you advertise and if so, what is the best way to do that? Try one or more of the following ways to increase exposure and as a result, you will see enrollment rise significantly.

Google+ and Google Maps

It is always a good thing to have a website where you can talk about your center, show prospective parents what you have to offer and perhaps even spotlight pictures of little ones (with their parents’ permission of course). Even if you don’t have an online presence you can still take advantage of the internet and by registering with Google+ and Google Maps, parents can find you when they do an online search for daycare centers in your area.

Bring a Friend Incentives

One way in which a number of daycare centers have boosted enrollment is to ask other families to sponsor a friend. For every new enrollment as a result of their referral you can offer those parents a one-time discount. As hard as it is to make ends meet during these difficult times in the economy, many parents jump at the chance to save a bit of money through customer incentives programs. As well, some parents are more than happy when friends of their own children come to the same center. It is easier on their little ones and it is certainly easier on mum and dad knowing their children have the security of friends by their side.

Ways to Use Outdoor Signage

Most daycare centers have an outdoor sign with their name on it and perhaps a cute picture of some sort for easy recognition that this is a facility for children. It makes the building easy to spot so that new parents can find you with minimal trouble. Have you thought about getting digital signage that scrolls dates, times and can highlight events and activities? You can even program your signage to scroll so that it catches the eye of passers-by. Innovative digital signage by Videonations is being used by daycare centers and schools around the country as an effective means of local advertising and a great way to be found by newcomers. Yes, you do love working with the little people but in order to keep the center operating it is important to increase enrollment. Any of these three suggestions should get you started on the right path and with a little creativity you can probably find other ways to get the word out to parents that you are there and would love to watch their children.

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