How To Maintain A Healthy And Clean Daycare Center

by admin on March 8, 2009

Some people say that where there is children chaos is sure to follow. If you have plans of setting up your very own daycare center and of course hope to make it successful as your main business, then you have to always ensure the cleanliness of your daycare center as well as that all the children’s health will always be in check. If you are able to do this, chances are you will definitely find it so much easier to gain your clients and of course sustain them in your business. Remember that first impressions surely last so you can surely find clients if you maintain a clean and health daycare center.

The first that you have to take on is to sanitize your daycare center at all times. Since you daycare center is surely filled with paint, foods and treats, chances are you can experience endless spilling of liquids that could damage not only the appearance of your daycare center in general but also of some of your equipments and materials in your daycare center. Make sure that you wipe all the furniture in your daycare center using bleach and water and always see to it that you will always change the beddings and cloths in your daycare center. Also, see to to it that you will set aside tablespoons and other eating materials that can be harmful to play with and can easily be contaminated. Make sure that you do these things regularly in order for you to make sure that your daycare center is always in good shape and condition. But of course it is also important for you to know that this is just a part of everything that you need to take care of..

Wash curtains and carpets once a month. This way, stains don’t set in. Curtains are notorious for keeping dirt around. You can change them weekly or wash them when you please. Kids are probably going to use your curtains as hiding places, so this will get rid of any leftover saliva, peanut butter or dirt from little hands.

Don’t leave things lying around. Encourage the kids to pick up after themselves or do it yourself. Rinse dishes immediately. Don’t let food, paint, glue or any other material stay on the floor. This will not only give a bad impression but it’ll be harder to remove these stains in the long run. Be neat about things like shoes, bags, umbrellas and coats. It will make clean up time so much easier for you.

If you are able to run a clean daycare center, chances are, you can be assured of every child’s good health, at least in your daycare center. Here are a few other tips that will help you maintain a healthy atmosphere for you and your children.

Don’t let parents bring their children when their still contagious. Unless your day care has a special sick room, one contagious child out for a day won’t affect your profit. All of charges down with flu? That will.

By following these simple tips, you can certainly make everyone in your team happy and your clients and children satisfied as well.

How to Keep your Child Clean in A Child Care Center

The best thing that you can do to your child if you happen to be a very busy and hardworking parent is of course to make sure that you bring him or her to a childcare center that you can trust. Of course, you cannot stop the parents from worrying about the germs that children can be contaminated while in your daycare center. Of course, no want their child to be contaminated with certain illnesses like colds, viruse and infections.

Of course, as the owner of your very own daycare business, it is your sole responsibility to make sure that your whole facility is germ free and doing this can definitely give your customers the assurance that they surely need. It is also your responsibility to remind the children in your daycare center to wash their hands regularly, avoid picking their nose and touching things that are dirty and a whole lot more. Even if you have to attend to several children, you can certainly achieve this by of course, seeking the help of your employees and staff as well.

Washing ones hands is the best and most effective preventive measure when it comes to fighting germs. Since children would normally share toys, foods, play with the same things, use the same coloring materials, sleep on the same beds, and are generally confined in the same area, chances are it is very easy to pass on germs and viruses. For you to be able to educate the children about cleanliness and washing hands, you have to be able to think of something interesting for them to do. Encourage them to wash their hands while you sing a unique song that you personally compose or think of something else that can surely be attractive to the children in your daycare center. This way the children can have a fun time and at the same time keep themselves protected from germs.

You need to clean up your facility regularly. You have to free your facility from dust and dirt. Clean up the toys as well, especially that kids always touch these toys and some are being mouthed by younger kids. Wash all the surfaces on a daily basis. It is best to take the children outside if it has a good weather, since they can avoid germs when they are outside with fresh air.

When you are serving foods to the kids under your premises, you need to serve fruits and vegetables and foods with omega-3 since these are the foods that can naturally fight germs.

Afternoon nap is very much important for growing children so this should be imposed in your daycare center. You are responsible for ensuring that your children would follow your instructions when it comes to taking a nap in the afternoon. Make sure that children are protected from germs while they sleep. Change mats and blankets regularly or ask the parents to ask their children to bring their own sleeping mats, pillows, blankets and the like to ensure their safety as well.

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