How To Plan Daycare Activities

by admin on June 18, 2009

At present, daycare centers are not only places wherein children are cared for while their parents are working during the day. Daycare centers, nowadays, are places for children participate in some activities so as to free them from boredom and make their day recreational. The activity that you plan to give to the children will depend on their age. To be successful in taking care of the children, you should be able to teach them new things and let their potentials be developed. By giving activities, the children become more active and become more comfortable in socializing with other children.

Giving enjoyable activities for the children is very simple. Purchasing expensive toys and educational materials for the children in your care to have fun is not a necessity. All you need is a simple and fun exercise. Children learn more effectively while at play particularly for children below 6 years of age. Doing this not only make the children have fun but can also entertain and give you a fun time.

There are four things to bear in mind in planning your activity for the children.

• Get to know the children who are in your care
• Have fun-loaded activity
• Change and Make it new
• Inquire

Getting to know the children
Being the one who takes care of the children, you should be able to know what their ages are. In addition, you should also know what activities do other children their age do. This will become your basis in creating an activity for them. The activity that you will give should suit their ages. You can teach the kids how to count and how to recite the alphabet. You can also let them learn how to recognize shapes and colors. If you want to let them play, organize a game wherein they can jump or clap their hands and stomp their feet. This will make them exercise their motor skills. If children with different age brackets are in your daycare center, give them an activity that suits their age.

Having a fun loaded activity
One of the fun filled activities that you can do is to make the kids draw or paint and let them make their own story out of it. Having a show and tell session is also a very good activity. Letting them do this enhances their creativity while having fun. Not only that, you will also be entertained as they tell their stories from their imagination.

Change and Make it New
List down all the activities that you plan to give to the children for about a month. Rotate the activities so that the children wouldn’t get used to the activities that you give. Determine which activities are mostly enjoyed by the children and put them aside for future use.

Before the child attends the daycare regularly, an interview with the parents of the child and the child is done. During the interview, it is a must to ask what the child loves to do. This will help you design the activities that you will give to them. In addition to this, you also ought to ask the child’s parents what they want their child to do. Considering the parents’ views and visions for their child will make the planning of the daycare activities a lot easier.

There are two ways by which you can plan your daycare activities. You can plan them monthly or yearly. Planning the activities ahead of time will make your load a lot easier since you will not be bothered every Sunday night for the next activity the next day. Planning on a weekly basis also makes your design more flexible. You can rotate the activities the way you like it.

Being in daycare means fun. As the caretaker of the children, you need to have lots of activities that will bring the child’s creativity and potential to the fullest while having fun. This is why the most crucial thing in the business is during the time of the planning of activities. The children who enter the daycare come in different age brackets. Therefore, it is very important for you to know their ages and give them activities based on their age and make the activities as fun as possible.

It is also important to give the children their own time to play. In this way, they will learn how to socialize with other kids by their own and they will be able to enhance their creativity. Drawing or story telling all the will make the children feel bored. Therefore, it is really necessary for them to have their own play time.

Following a theme for the day or for the week will increase the fun for the children. The activities that you plan to give to them can be based on the theme that is set for the day. A theme can be anything around you or any event in the calendar. For example, you can have the Christmas Season as a theme during December or you can have nature like flowers as a theme. The activity that you can give to the children can range from painting, drawing, crafts, and many others.

Another activity that brings out the children’s talents is by letting them act a story. You are the one who will conceptualize and begin the storyline. Afterwards, let the children continue the story and them act it out. This will really boost their creativity and confidence. In addition, you can let them make their own costumes and props.

The children can also be involved in your daily chores. Letting them help you clean the shelves or arrange the books will make them feel important. They feel worthy and proud if they are able to do the job of an adult. Aside from helping you out, they will also have fun by doing these simple chores.

Lastly, in the event that you run out of brilliant ideas, just ask your kids what would they want to do. A day can be assigned as the Kid’s Choice day. Let the children propose different activities and compile them to make a great activity plan for the next day. This will not only make the children very interested in the activity but they will also gain self-confidence and a sense of fulfillment.

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