How to Prepare Your Child for School

by admin on June 12, 2009

When your children will be entering kindergarten, they probably have watched an estimate of at least 4,000 hours of television program in average. For experts on child development, they would say that this number of hours is already a lot. However, the answer to this problem is not to ban your children from watching TB. There are good programs in television which could arouse the curiosity of your children. This could open new worlds for them. A much better way to handle this is to have some of your family members watch over your kids. Make sure they check on how long your child spends watching TV. The programs they watch must also be looked out for.

In guiding your children’s watching of the television, consider some tips. First, consider the age of your child. Think of what are the things that are appropriate for him to learn, see and imitate. Make sure that the shows that your child is watching are those that are teaching them some lessons and keep them interested to learn. It is good for them to watch shows that encourage them to ask questions and to listen. Shows that enrich their vocabulary make them feel good regarding themselves, and introduce them to new things and ideas are also good for them.

Next, track down the number of hours that your child is spending in watching TV within a week. Note also the shows that your child is watching. It is recommended that they watch TV for not more than 2 hours within a day.

You must also familiarize yourself about the current programs being shown in television. Aside from what is shown in TV, familiarize yourself as well about good videos that could help your child learn new things. Some of the recommended shoes are “Sesame Street”, “Blue’s Clues”, “Reading Rainbow”, “Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood”, “Barney & Friends” and “Zoom”. There are other good programs for children that are available in cable channels as well as on public television stations. Among the familiar channels for children are Nickelodeon and Disney Channel.

For those who have video players at home, it is good that you look for video versions of different children’s stories. Some of those stories that has video versions are the Children’s Circle series and the Babar Stories. There is also the “Baby Einstein” series, which is recommended for the very young children.

It will also be good for you to consult reviews about children’s media. One of the most popular reviewers is Parent’s Choice; it reviews not only TV programs but video materials as well. With this, it will be easier for you to decide on which are the most appropriate title for your children. There are also reviews in different magazines and newspapers.

After you have selected the programs that you think are appropriate for your children, help him in deciding which programs to watch. Also, make sure that you turn on the TV only when they are to watch these programs and turn it off right after it ends.

It is also very important that you watch television together with your child. This is very vital because they need answers to the questions they pose about the TV programs they watch. With you watching beside him, they could better understand what they are watching.

It would also be good if you will have games or activities after watching a certain program. Let your child apply what they have learned from the television. Perhaps, you could even make him come up with an original story regarding their favourite characters in the TV program they’ve watched. As much as possible, it is good if the entire family is involved in these post-watching activities and discussions. You could even search books in the library that are related to the things your child watches in television.

What is most important is that you must ensure that television would not be a substitute for your babysitting responsibilities. Make sure that you have a balance between activities and watching television.

Aside from controlling your child’s television time, another important thing to consider in preparing your child for school is choosing the most appropriate childcare for them. Whenever you choose a childcare, consider the following tips:

First, think well enough regarding what is the best king of care for your child. You could choose a relative to provide the child care. There are also day-care providers that will take care children in small groups at her own residence. Childcare centers are also an option, wherein there is some curriculum that will be followed by staff that are trained to educate children in the early childhood stage. You could also choose to hire a caregiver, which will go to your home to do the child care.

After you have decided which type of child care is the best for your child, consider your budget. For those who have very minimal budgets, they could opt for childcare programs that are state-funded. People who have extra money could opt for the private childcare providers.

Before availing any childcare service, check first whether they are a licensed provider of childcare. Do this by consulting the local agencies within your communities. It is very important that you gather information regarding childcare providers. Check on their references and do interviews with the people operating the childcare providing service.

It is also recommended that you scout early for childcare providers. When you start early, you are more likely to find the most appropriate childcare for your child. You will also be able to deal with providers that have limited quotas.

In looking for whatever type of childcare for your child, you have to consider important traits that care providers must possess. They must be at least responsive and kind. They must also be experienced with handling children. Also, it is important that they look out for the different need of every child. It will also be good if you hire child care providers that shares the same your own philosophy in child rearing.

Also, make sure that the facilities where the childcare will be provided are safe and clean. Make sure that there are enough materials and equipments that will facilitate your child’s learning.

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