How to Start A Home Daycare Service

by admin on January 19, 2009

Before you start your own home day care service, you have to understand and be prepared for several different things first.

There are so many things to be considered when it comes to starting your own home day care service so it is important that you are really serious about it. Your home day care service could either cater to the elderly or to children; either way you have to consider several different things.

1. Some basic questions that individuals need to ask themselves before offering such services is whether or not they have the actual skills to handle this particular type of business. You should definitely evaluate whether the service is just a supplement to earn more money or if the individual is thinking about a long-term home based career. It would be important to assess whether there is sufficient space in the home to accommodate the office of the day care center. The long-term effect of expansion also needs to be evaluated in terms of space, manpower, finances, and efforts involved in putting the necessary effort required for business to grow and continue once established.

2. Another crucial question would be to sit back and think whether the individual is emotionally and physically equipped to deal with querulous elderly people or energetic children. Individuals also require knowing beforehand that this interaction would be on a daily basis and thus would demand face-to-face communication.

3. Apart from that, individuals need to familiarize themselves with laws and certain regulations when it comes to starting a day care service and obtain the necessary license from the State. Some states may require special certification and it is essential to inquire and obtain required documents accordingly. Two most commonly required certificates by most states are CPR and First aid certifications, though some regulations may vary from one state to another.

4. Individuals may opt to buy or rent a house for opening a day care service. In such a case, individuals need to find out the area zoning laws and other external constraints that might come up with respect to opening a day care center. Some banks and other financial institutions may offer financial support. Most banks may offer to guide such individuals through the process. Liability insurance is mandatory apart from which fire and theft insurance can also be opted for.

5. The childcare or daycare business has become a valuable part of modern society. Parents want a place they can leave their children while they are at work and be assured that their kids are in good hands. With this said, it is apparent that for anybody interested in running a home based daycare business or daycare center, the first priority must be the love of children. Their safety and well being must come before financial gains on your priority list. Starting a daycare center could be the best way to positively impact on the lives of the children and parents in your community. Obviously, in the long run, if properly planned, a daycare business is bound to be lucrative, but you are sure to enjoy the bond created between you, the children and their parents in decades to come, more than any financial again.

6. For a start, you really have to do thorough research. You have to know what you are getting yourself into, the pros, the cons and the prospects. Does your locality need another daycare operator? Will it be profitable in your area? Are those running the existing centers enjoying the experience? These are some of the numerous questions you need to get answers to. It would be a great idea to visit existing daycare centers; you could interview parents about what they think of the services they are getting, what they expected and also the operators about how well the business is thriving.

7. You will also want to learn about licensing and certifications required for running a daycare business. Some states will require that you get licensed while some others may not. You may also want to get First Aid, CPR or other kind of certifications. Even if these were not prerequisites, they would come handy when the business gets into full swing. You never can tell what events could occur, it is always better to be prepared for accidents and eventualities.

8. You need to consider if you want to run a home based daycare business or a daycare center. If it is going to be home based, you might need to transform your home to make it conducive for a home based daycare business. You also have to make sure that the place is comfortable and safe for children if you plan on catering your business to children alone.

9. You should also consider what impact being with children all day long would have on you and your family. If you are not a natural child lover, a daycare business may be very demanding, as tending children requires a lot of love, understanding and patience. If you have growing kids yourself, the task may be more demanding, as you never can tell what impact the kids you are tending will have on your own children. However, if handling such things is not stressful for you or if you are stay at home mom that is seeking to supplement her income with the venture, then a home based daycare business might just the right thing for you.

10. As with any other business venture, a clear business plan would definitely impact positively on its success. You need a business plan to map out the viability or otherwise of the venture. You need to consider the initial capital and expense you will incur setting up the business, where these monies will come from and how you are going to recoup your initial capital plus profit. Your business plan will also take care of all necessary accounting and tax expenses, and even create back ups in case of accidents or other eventualities.

To conclude, the success of your business venture will be directly proportional to how well prepare for it before actually starting your daycare service. Do as much research as you can, learn all you can find about children and their needs, what parents wish for their children and especially, a good business plan. It is never wrong to be well prepared, you will be better for it.

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