How To Target The Right Customer for Your Childcare Business

by admin on March 16, 2009

You are prepared and ready to go. Your publicity plans are all positioned and you have put aside a nice plan that’ll help you notify your potential clientele about your daycare centre but stop! Do you know who your clients are? Does your target customer have a “face”? Do you know where they live, what’s their lifestyle, etc?

To efficiently kick-start an effective advertising campaign, you first need to give your customer a “face”. You need to know who you are intending to target. To do that, you need to perform some form of segmentation and target marketing. Without proper market segmentation and targeting, your entire marketing strategy will be without focus.

Segmentation is the classification of subgroups of consumers within a market who share similar needs and demonstrate comparable purchasing behaviour which means you need to break your customers down into lesser groups for easy organization. Studies have shown that clients within the same section are likely to reveal similar behavioural traits and therefore, you can focus your marketing efforts on the group of prediction that are “most likely” to purchase your services. Sounds like a tall order, don’t worry. Convert on, it is actually fairly simple.

First, there are a number of ways in which you can part a market: By Demographic (based on gender, age, etc), by Psychographic (based on lifestyle or belief), by Geographic (based on location) or by Behavioristic (based on purchasing behavior). Here’s how you apply it to the daycare business.
- Demographic – You can choose to segment the parents according to their age.
- Psychographic – You can also choose to segment the parents according to the number of children they have.
- Geographic – This is simple. You segment your market according to where they stay or where they work.
- Behavioristic – You segment your market according to their purchasing power.

After you have effectively segmented your market, you need to select the right segment targeting. For simplicity sake, let’s say we choose to segment our market by geographic region. After segmenting the parents according to where they stay/work, we choose to target at parents staying / operational at Town A. Before you start marketing to parents staying / working in Town A, you require to consider a few criterias.

- Is the segment viable and sustainable? Can we create a profit from it?
- Is the segment available? How easy is it for us to reach the segment?
- Is the segment quantifiable? Are we able to attain realistic data to believe its potential?

If your segment passes the test, then you are now ready to market to them. Your target customer’s now got a “face” and because of this you will be able to make do of your childcare business and ensure its success in the many more years to come. Even with competition, you will also be able to work hand in hand together with all your staff as well.

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