How to Teach Children About Creativity

by admin on August 12, 2009

Children who are enrolled in day care are unique. Each and every child has his own personality which is why it is an important task for you to be able to give each and every one of them what they need. This includes the programs and activities which you have for the children. Part of this includes the learning techniques as well as the extracurricular activities which you have prepared for them. You should be aware that there are so many things which children can learn from the activities in your day care this is why you need to make sure that you offer a varied selection of these activities.

Academic knowledge is seen as an important part of a child’s development. Often times, most parents get this idea wrong. Learning how to read, write and count are not the only things which children should know. At this point in their lives, children learn best in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. They can remember do much things especially when they are having fun. One way of teaching children while making sure that they are having so much fun is through art. This does not stress their brains so much when they learn. This is why it is highly recommended that each and every day care have an art class set for the children.

One way in which children express their individuality is through their creativity. If you notice, children as young as three have been using their creativity to show their identities. As a result of this, they have their own preferences when it comes to art activities that they like. As a day care center director or owner, you need to make sure that children are free to choose which art activities they would prefer doing. It is highly important that you allow the children to have a wide selection of the things which they can do. This is why you should not just limit the activities which they can do.

The first thing you have to do is to set up a “creativity area” for the children in your day care. It is important that children are able to recognize that art is as equally important as the other day care activities you have. Have tables, chairs a couple of art materials for the children. Make this area look as fun as possible so that children will get the ambiance of fun as they stay in here. There are a couple of craft stores and even book stores which offer to sell a lot of activities suited for the children. Make sure to read and carefully select the activities which you are picking out for them.

The basic art materials which you should readily buy are papers, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers, coloring books and water color. These are the things which children first learn how to use. By having these things, the children will have a head start when it comes to art activities. They will be able to draw and color which they will surely enjoy.

Besides from the basic things, you might want to add a little activities which they can engage in. There are so many do-it-your own activities and kits which you can teach the children every time you do art works. You can have fun with beads, yarn, chalk, glitter, scrap cloth and everything else. Some activities which may interest the children include sculpting from clay, making paper dolls, pinwheels and even cards. These things do not have to b e expensive, there are so many cheap art materials which you can buy, all you have to do is to look for suppliers. You will have fun in class without having to spend so much on these.

Always be ready when things get a little messy. Some activities involving water, glue, glitters na cutting paper can really be messy. You need to make sure that you keep the area as clean as possible after. You may even have a cleaning time after you so your art works with your child. This will not only teach them how to be creative but also teach them that their trash is their responsibility. They should throw their trash in the proper places afterwards.

A way that will promote creativity on the part of the child is by having an awarding after you do your artwork. Have your class vote for the top 5 best artworks for that activity and have a prize ready for the children who are chosen. This is why you need to make the activities as diverse as possible so that each children will be chosen as one of the best. This will increase their confidence level. They will have an idea on which activities they are good at. As early as now, they will be able to distinguish which activities they like and do not like as well as where their strengths and weaknesses.

Have their artworks posted or brought home so that they will have a collection of the things they have made in school. Children always love to be proud of the things which they are good especially of their achievements in school. This will be good for the children since they also need to feel that other people are proud of them of the things which they have done.

Through artworks, children can really maximize their development. They will learn all about their individuality, creativity and maximum potential. This is why it is important to make art as important as learning how to read and write. Children do not only learn through academics. Have them learn about these things which are very beneficial for the children. Make this a regular activity for them, you will see how this can be helpful for the holistic development of the child. As a day care center, it is important that you develop each and every aspect of a child’s development. So make sure that you set time for art, and you will truly maximize the potential of the children in your day care.

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