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by admin on January 4, 2009

A lot of people thinks that loving kids and having a nice home is the key to having one of the popular in-home or in-house daycare business. But really it takes a lot more than that.

However, loving children is of one of the key factors to having a day care business as you will be spending most of your time with them. And if you have your children at home, you have to think about how an in-home daycare center will will affect them. Although usually, it could be a great combination for everybody involved, there are still obstacles that you will experience. You need to think about the things that will most likely affect your family the most.

If one kid doesn’t like sharing, you will be having a lot of problems to handle if he will do it on a regular basis. But if you are great at handling this sort of problems then it won’t really bother you one bit. So setting up an in-house daycare center is a wonderful business for you.

When it comes to starting an in house daycare center, you would need an in depth researching. You have to find out if your state requires a license for in-house day care businesses. And how many children are permitted for you to care for. You will also need to know if you will be requiring any changes or renovations to be made in your home. Different states have different rules and regulations on these things, so know that your state requires before investing in something like the great backyard playhouse you saw on sale on the Internet.

In house daycare business may also be required to have a CPR certification. And even if it doesn’t, you will definitely want to become certified in CPR and first aid. You will never know when accidents will happen, and you really need to be prepared for them.

Certifications are also al big help in case you ever find yourself in a lawsuit. Presenting your certifications, not just to the parents of the children you care for but with law enforcers as well, show that you are dedicated and really serious about your in-house day care business.

You will also need to look into liability insurance. Check with your current insurance company about your homeowner’s insurance and find out what kind of protection does it provide for accidents that may happened in you property. Policies may have different payouts and processes if you have a home business so check it out first before you start your daycare.

And like any other home based businesses, you might also want to prepare a business plan for your day care. You need to plan for accounting as well as tax expenses, and back up care providers as well as needed equipment and insurance. If you plan to expand your day care soon, you have to set aside a certain amount from your profits for this. You may also have to set aside some money for entertainment expenses such as field trips for your day care children (you need to have proper permission slips of course).

So you really need to do a lot of research and readings in order to achieve success in your in house day care business. Find out all you can, try visiting some other day care centers in your area, find out the upsides and downsides of the business from owners, parents as well as the little clients – children, so that you can be well prepared.

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