Increasing Your Home Daycare Profits

by admin on January 27, 2009

A home daycare service is a great way for you to earn money if you are just home and taking care of kids with nothing else to do. This can provide you with that added income that you need for your home. You can have the option of opening a regional daycare center or a private daycare service.

A regional home day care service has great benefits over private home daycare service. There are a lot of things that would entice you to start your own regional home daycare center.

• In a regional home daycare service there is a bigger chance of you to earn more. On the average the region pays about $36.75 per child under your care. If you choose to take in 4 children per day you can earn #174 a day. That’s $2940 a month on a regular basis. A private home daycare where parents pay you directly often pays no more than $28 a day and can earn you $2240 monthly. If you compute that on a yearly basis that’s a difference of $8400, and for a home stay mom that’s quite a lot of money.

• Having a regional home daycare service would lessen the troubles of having to regularly market you home daycare. They have regional support workers who can refer parents to you and you can maximize the number of allowed children under your care. Most local governments would have a limit to the number of kids that you can take care per day and as much as possible you would want to have all the slots filled to earn as much as you can. The lesser time you spend on advertising and marketing the better for you. You get to focus on the job at hand.

• Regional provides as registration package when you start your home daycare service. This package provides all the necessary information that you need to start your daycare. It includes contract for the parents to sign to protect you against liabilities and at the same time informs the parents of the scope of the service you are providing. A lot of materials and paper work are also included so that you do not forget to process all the necessary needs in your daycare. They include templates for meal plans and procedures that are vital to the success of your home daycare. This prevents you from having to go through the rigors of researching all the requirements needed in a home daycare.

• Every month the support worker will be visiting your home daycare and make sure that everything is in order. You actually need not to worry about anything except maintaining the place and taking care of the kids. The monthly inspections will make sure that you and the children under your care are safe. This lessens your accountability. The support you are getting is there to maintain your environment from any dangers and possible accidents. This will help you take care of potential problem that you might have missed or forgotten.

• The region from time to time provides workshops and other educational project that will help you manage and maximize your role in your home daycare. These workshops aim to provide you with the technical information on how to handle kids and the different methods of taking care of them. Children can differ from one another so much and learning to handle the different personalities can make taking care of them much easier. These workshops provides a venue for other parents who have a home daycare to meet and exchange tips and information that can greatly benefit you and your business.

Opening your own private home daycare business means doing everything by yourself. You get full control of everything. This will entail a lot of research and study on the ins and outs of starting your own daycare. You will need to make the necessary plans to make sure that you are able to open your business smoothly and without any hitches.

* First you would need to visit your local government office regarding the policies and procedures of opening your home daycare service. You would need to fill out many forms and get licensed and have the necessary permits to legalize your business. You must take special care of the laws governing home daycare and limits that you have especially in the number of children you are allowed to take care.

* You would also need to have yourself insured. Check your home policy insurance and find out the coverage. You would want to make the necessary changes to protect you and the children under you care. You may need to change your policy depending on the advice of you insurance provider. You would be well off to make sure that all the necessary precautions are in place when you start your home daycare. Children can be very rough and they need special care and attention.

* When taking on the kids you would want to have the right information on how to deal with each one of them and you can take workshops to help you with that. You have to schedule your hours of operation as well and you need to avoid doing half days. It would be more efficient for you do whole days rather than just get paid for half days work when most likely it will keep you tied up the whole day.

* With home daycare parents in some way expect added value childcare for their kids. You might want to catch up on the other possible things you can provide the kids such as educational activities. This added value in your child care can add to the marketability of your service and increase your competitiveness. This will also allow you to be able to charge higher fees and increase your potential income.

* You need to have a good marketing and advertising in place to attract more parents into getting your service. There are very many avenues for you to explore when it comes to marketing and advertising and you just need to make good use of them

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