Interviewing Potential Employees For Your Daycare

by admin on January 14, 2009

If you have your own daycare center, you of course want to make sure that you will hire the best employees – or people who can contribute and aid you to reach your success. You need to make sure that the applicants are qualified for the position that is why interviewing them is the thing you need to conduct to know your applicants.

You need to establish structure before you interview applicants, in this way; you can control of the interview and can gain all the information that you to in order to come up with a good decision.

There lots of things that you need to consider in making a structured interview, this is what you need to do, greeting and nonverbal assessment, brief conversation, 5-10 warm up questions, 20 behavioral questions, clarify concerns, ask for references, tell them to weigh things out and call them, make an handshake and say goodbye. Move to the next interviewers until the process is complete.

In order for you to effectively conduct the interview, you need to be prepared ahead of time. There are questions that you need to ask yourself in order to effectively establish a structure interview. Who will conduct the interview? How many applicants will be interviewed? What format of interview will you use (series, face to face, panel, sequential, group)? How much time will you allocate for each interview? What will be the questions that you will ask your applicants?

Yes, an applicant will arrive in time, properly dressed up, that would be great, but of course, you can’t just base it with that. You need to assess their non-verbal signs and actions. Look at how your applicant sits during the interview. Are the applicants taking notes or just drawing? Do they look you directly in the eye when they speak and do they listen attentively to what you have to say or not? Yes, there are applicants who do not pay attention with the interviewer, so you need to check out the behaviors of your applicants.

Ask the experiences of your employees; make sure that they have dealt with kids before. If you are seeking for caregivers, it is best that they have done babysitting before. If you are seeking for teachers, make sure that they have enough experiences and expertise in order to assure that the kids will learn from them.

Clarify and confirm information about the applicant’s educational attainment and work history. The applicant should be competent enough for the position; you need to see those qualities in a particular applicant before hiring him/her is good enough for the position. The applicant must have the patience and compassion for kids as well as this will be the main focus of your business.

You would realize how important it is to take these things seriously because once you’ve hired an employee, you automatically become liable to them. Remember that people know the saying that first impressions last that is why they always try to give their best foot forward. Be prepared too with who they really are and how they really work which you can only gauge once they’ve started working with you.

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