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by admin on February 26, 2009

When you enroll your child to daycare center, do you know who are the people keeping an eye on your precious? These are the people who at some point may have the longer period of spending time with your child than you can even if you want to because of your tight schedule. These are the people you should know. They take care of your child most of the time so you should be aware what each one of the staff in a daycare center is responsible about.

* Childcare provider or worker. This is what people who are providing childcare services in general are called. A childcare provider may be a babysitter, nanny, instructor or teacher, support staff, volunteers, among others.

* Childcare proprietor or owner. He is the businessman who put up the childcare center. His investment would be financial and capacity to own a childcare center.

* Childcare director. Like any other business, a manager is very important to skilfully manage the business. In a childcare center, this is what the director does. He is also in charge of making sure that operations are running smoothly as possible and that the children are well taken cared of and clients are satisfied with quality service. In many states, becoming a manager of a childcare center is supported by certain qualifications and requirements.

* Teacher/chief teacher. A professional who has formal training and education on helping young children achieve intellectual progress. They are the primarily accountable in ensuring that the children get proper education that is appropriate for their age. They also lead in making the stay of the children in the childcare center a positive and developmental experience.

* Assistant teacher. Just like a professional teacher, an assistant teacher provides education for the children enrolled in a daycare center. Although they are capable of providing education to the young, they are yet to be licensed as real teaching professionals. Their primary responsibility is to append the knowledge of young children through learning activities that may be similar to those conducted in schools.

By getting to know these people and being aware of how they can affect your child’s life by fulfilling their responsibilities and duties as childcare personnel, you can be secured to know that your child has a lot of qualified staff to depend on and be safe with while you are attending urgent matters at home or at the workplace.

Parents can also have their own niche in a daycare center

Parents whose primary solution is to send their children to a daycare center due to a hectic schedule at work or in attending to some other pressing concerns also want to join in activities at a daycare center whenever they find time. There is perhaps nothing more enjoyable on earth than see you precious child burst with laughter or deliver sweet words of appreciation upon seeing you unexpectedly in a daycare center. Although very busy, most parents would still want to get involved in caring for their child by dropping by to the daycare center. This gesture is also well recognized by children and is welcomed by childcare providers.

The parents’ involvement in caring for the child while enrolled in a childcare program is beneficial and portrays positive attitude to the child and to all concerned.

Sharing about how work is done in caring for the child is one of the benefits of parents’ participating in the program. Observations on how parents see the benefits of hiring a childcare provider for their child can be shared to the concerned individuals and this can generate positive outcome in the relationship of the parents and the provider and even a good rapport between the child and the staff.

Sharing of experiences is very important between the provider and the parents to level out expectations and resolve problems or misunderstandings if there are any. Parents’ participation not only fosters a healthy partnership between the provider and the parents but also a positive connection between the child and the parents. Learning from all sides, open communication lines, and enriching the childcare experience of all concerned can be attributed to parents’ participation in a childcare program.

Not only the parents should exert effort in the sharing experience, the staff in the daycare center should also be aware that establishing a positive and healthy liaison with parents can also make their work easier and a lot hassle-free. They should be trained in effectively communicating with parents.

A childcare provider should find ways on how parents can be more involved in their childcare programs. There are many creative ways on how to do this. You can invite parents during special occasions and tap them as guest lecturers or speakers. Their presence can also be of great importance during family days and other affairs conducted for the interest of the children.

Providers should be grateful that no matter how busy they can get, parents steal a chance to be with their children. Be thankful that your job as a childcare provider gets this much support. You may also consider launching a website where parents and other persons involved can comment and discuss the services of the daycare center. It is another learning process for everyone involved who has a single cause of caring for the children’s well-being.

A happy atmosphere in any daycare center creates positive vibe for all people around. This means that you can create a happy and friendly atmosphere and pocketing a satisfying income is merely a bonus to a work well done!

Commercial versus home daycare center
In deciding which daycare center you would like to entrust your child to, consider the benefits of the childcare setting whether it is put up as a commercial or a home-based daycare center.

The two settings may differ in important issues such as policies implemented, caring for children who are ill, staff qualifications, and safety in the center’s premises.

Generally, most parents opt to bring their children to a commercial daycare center because they have all the means in improving their facilities and in providing quality services. This is because they hold higher standards in employing their services. They have a structured learning program that is supported by staff who has undergone training and a surrounding that is of high maintenance. A daycare center that operates commercially usually has the capital to invest on high-end learning equipment such as computers and related educational software.

On the other hand, daycare centers that operate in a home-based setting tend to give more attention to the children they care for because they are usually low in number. A daycare center put up in someone’s home also gives a “homey” environment for the children being cared for and this has a more positive effect to a child in the belief of some. The disadvantage in this setting is that the owner may be distracted or disturbed by personal errands or concerns to attend to. It can also be sometimes difficult in the part of the homeowner to maintain the house because of the time required to focus on business matters.

No matter what setting it is that you are going to choose for your child, remember to look for quality service above anything else. After all, it is the well-being of your child that is at stake here.

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Joann November 28, 2009 at 7:58 pm

Hi! I am 42 years old and developmentally disabled. I live at home with my parents because I require living assistance, but back in my 20′s and 30′s, whenever I had the transportation to do it, I used to be a child daycare volunteer, and I loved it. Even though I’m single and don’t want to get married or have any children of my own, I’ve always had a sincere love for babies and children, and being a child daycare volunteer gave me great joy as well as a purpose, a reason for getting up in the morning and looking forward to the day ahead. Unfortunately, the center where I volunteered my time since October of 1991 closed for good back in 2002, so I haven’t been able to volunteer my time for quite some time now. The wonderful memories I have of the children and the staff will live on, though, and I’m hoping that I might one day be able to volunteer my time again soon at another child daycare center, God willing. I’ve been volunteering my time, and even babysitting, since I was a teenager, even helping out in church nurseries every so often, and each experience has taught me a lot about babies, children, how child daycare centers are run, and myself, which only made me fall more in love with my work every day. I hope more and more people would realize how precious each child is, and if they have the time, find it in their hearts to become volunteers, too. As the old saying goes,”When you hold a child, you hold the future.”

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