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by admin on July 12, 2009

Children are often eager to learn a lot of things. This may be caused by the fact that children are curious about their surroundings and would want to discover each and every single thing that they come across with. It is also believed that a child’s ability to learn is at a maximum during this time. At this stage, most parents take this chance for their child to develop certain skills and interests that they will have with them until they grow up.

The secret when it comes to teaching your child how to read and how to count is through practice. You need to expose your child to all the instances where he can read or count. It is not enough to rely on theoretical learning methods when it comes to these things. For example, it is not enough for your child to know how to read each letter, they should also be able to know how to read words and understand the meaning of each.

Books are the considered as the best tool that parents have when they are teaching their children. Parents read to their children when they want them to learn about the alphabet and numbers. Children are usually visual when they start to learn new things. They associate things with certain images like an apple for the letter A and so on. Usually children are not contented with just learning how to read letters. When they are ready to read, the book is still the best learning material that your child can use. You will notice that they will voluntarily pick up a book and flip through the pages. If they do this on a regular basis, they will learn how to read in no time. When your child starts learning how to read, then it is time to teach them vocabulary and comprehension. There is no point when your child learns how to read words if they do not understand it.

Reading is an important skill that children must acquire when they are still young. But there is something equally as important as learning how to recognize letters and words. This is your child’s ability to count. Numbers can be fun and children should develop an early interest when it comes to numbers. You child will find it useful if they know how to count they will use this in school and even in daily life. Parents usually focus on teaching their children how to read and write, but it is really important that your child knows how to count numbers as early as possible. There are children who actually find it hard to count and often mix up the sequence of numbers. The best way to teach your child how to count is through finger counting. This is the best way to let your child be familiar with counting from 1- 10. When your child has mastered this, you can now move on to larger numbers.
You can vary your methods in teaching your child how to count. You can start with asking your child to count their body parts, this will be easy since counting is usually taught with fingers. When eating, you can ask your child to count oranges, grapes and even apples before they eat it. Another effective way of teaching your child to count is when he is climbing up the stairs. You can both go up and count each step, this will be helpful since stairs are one of the things which your child come in contact with everyday so they will be able to familiarize with counting every time they go up and go down the stairs.

Besides from books, your child can learn through the computer. This is a fun and interactive way of teaching your child how to read and count. This combines fun with learning which can actually be an advantage for your child. Some children do not want to learn because they often relate learning with boredom. But with a computer, they can play and learn at the same time.

Just visit your computer shop and they sell programs which have been made for this purpose. They will be able to learn about letters, reading, numbers, colors and even shapes.

Field trips have been proven to be one of the efficient teaching method that you can use on your child. Teach them how to read road signs like “stop” or “keep off the grass”. These will be very helpful for them, not only will they learn how to read but will also know what these signs are for. You can also take them to the park or the zoo. You can read the names and count flowers and animals. Children often learn through exposure. They do not really learn the technical stuff but what they learn are the applications of counting and reading. They will learn more words that are not written in books, because usually, these books only teach simple and easy words that your child can easily remember. Even when it comes to counting, if your child can only count up to 20, you can now extend this knowledge and teach him how to count up to 30 and so on.

As parents, you would want your child to learn ahead of others. You want your child to be advanced in terms of their learning capabilities. It is up to you which teaching method you would want to use on your child as long as you remember that children need to have fun while they are learning. It is important that you will be able to build a good image of learning to your child. This will be beneficial for him up until he grows up. The reason why most kids do not want to study is because they associate studying with being boring. This is why you should be able to find interesting and fun ways for your child to learn so that he will get the habit of discovering fun ways to learn new things.

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