Teach Preschoolers the Letter O and the Short O Sound

by Carla on March 6, 2012

Here is a simple letter lesson plan for the letter O and the short O sound. Child care providers and preschool teachers can implement the following activities that support clear learning objectives to create brilliant lesson plans that help young children learn the alphabet.

Learning Objectives
The students will identify the letter O.
The students make and recognize the short O sound.
The students will correctly trace and write upper and lower case Os.
The students will identify objects that begin with the short O sound.
The students will help make dominos out or rocks.
The students will listen to books about things that start with the short O sound.
The students will learn the “Ostrich” song.

Handwriting and Phonetics Activities
Using sturdy poster board, create a letter O poster which shows both the upper and lower case O. Glue pictures of objects cut from magazines that begin with the short O sound. Use the poster board to introduce the children to the Letter O. Next, demonstrate the short O sound and ask the children to make (repeat) the short O sound. Ask students if they can think of (objects, names, etc.) that begin with the short O sound.
Encourage children to practice tracing the letter O in both upper and lower case using letter O worksheets. A good example of such a letter O worksheet is available on Education.com website. With either pencils or crayon, let students practice making the letter O in both upper and lower case on blank sheets of paper.

Cognitive Learning: Letter O Object Sorting
For this cognitive learning activity, place toy or real objects which begin with or contain the short O in a box or other container. Examples include: Ox, box, rocks, octopus, socks, olive, otter, ostrich, and office. Along with these items, place objects beginning with various other letters. As you pull each object out, students will sort (recognize) those that begin with a short O sound from those that do not.

Story Time: Letter O Preschool Books
On the Job: Learning the Short O Sound (Powerphonics) by Lynn Metz (Jan 2001)
Oliver’s Box: The Sound of Short O (Sounds of Phonics) by Joanne Meier, Cecilia Minden and Bob Ostrom (Aug 2010)
My Short O Words (Targeted Phonics) by Sharon Coan (Jun 1, 2011)
Phonics Tales: Todd’s Odd Day (Short O) by Maria Fleming and Kelly
Three Cheers for Ostrich! by Francesca Simon and Neal Layton (Dec 31, 2001)
Ostrich (Day in the Life: Grassland Animals) by Louise Spilsbury (Jan 1, 2011)
A Lot of Otters (Picture Puffin Books) by Barbara Berger (Aug 1, 2000)
Olive, My Love by Vivian Walsh and J. Otto Seibold (Oct 1, 2004)

Preschool Craft: Rock Dominos
This craft is a great way to incorporate rocks found on a nature walk and can also be used as a math activity.
Materials: Smooth flat rocks (stone), black paint, white paint pen
Instructions: Paint rocks black, then  once dry, use a white paint pen to draw lines and dots. Help children draw a line across the center of each. Then children can mark dots on either side of the line.

Preschool Ostrich Song
Teach the children the song ”Ostrich”*
“An ostrich has two long legs (Hold up two fingers)
And can lay many large eggs (Make large circle with hands)
She’s the largest of all the birds (Hold hands up as high as you can)
And she can’t fly (Flap arms like wings) Isn’t that absurd?
(Put hands on hips)”

Alphabet recognition activities will greatly enhance preschoolers’ language learning. The key is to have fun in your daycare job through lesson planning and make each moment of learning exciting and creative.

*”Ostrich” taken from EverythingPreschoool.com

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