Making Musical Instruments from Household Items

by admin on July 9, 2009

There are a wide variety of preschool activities that you can do at with your kids. Most of these activities do not need a lot of material and can be easily made in your own home. Activities for preschoolers can help them discover new areas of learning through their active involvement in the task at hand. One area of learning that is enjoyable to both children and adults is music. An effective way of introducing it to young kids is through creating their own musical instruments. They can use the instruments while playing (in a group or by themselves) or in school activities. Music does not only teach children melody and rhythm, it also enhances their coordination and motorv skills and enhances their creativity. The following paragraph gives an examples of an easy to make musical instrument that small kids will love.

Creating Your Own Musical Shaker. Creating your own musical shaker is not just fun for children, the finished product will also help them develop their rhythm and ability to follow simple beats. For this activity, the following items are needed:

2 or more plastic bottles of different sizes(*do not use glass for safety purposes). Some Rice, soy beans or other similar non-perishable type of beans or rice. A glue gun (*remember to supervise when working with hot equipments like this), Colored construction paper, funnel, and glitter (optional)

Remove the label on the plastic bottles you’ve chosen. Make sure to shake off any excess water inside or outside the bottle. Place the funnel at the mouth of the bottle and take a small amount of rice or whatever grain you prefer, and pour it in the bottle. Using the glue gun, put some glue on the threading of the bottle and screw the cap on. Let the bottle dry for a few minutes and decorate the exterior. You can use glitter, paint, or any embellishment you want to decorate the bottle. Remember to let the children help you in decorating so they will have some sense of accomplishment once the shaker is done.

Its good to use bottles that vary in size because the sound they will create will also be different from each other. Once the musical shaker is done, turn on some music and let your kids follow the beat using their shakers. Tell your kids to dance while shaking their instruments and of course, don’t forget to dance with them!

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