Making Sure Your Kids are Safe at Day Care

by admin on March 15, 2009

The main duty of parents is to make sure their children are growing up safely, healthy, and to provide whatever it is they need. Another duty that is of primary importance is the responsibility to protect their little ones from all types of danger. The latter poses a big question mark.

Big time concern
In today’s normal family, the normal set-up is that both parents work. The wife works to complement the husband’s income. But that leaves no one to take care of the little ones. This is where the day care centre comes in.

Day Care Center. Those three words connote safety for parent’s children. But hold on to that thought because no one knows where danger hides, even in day care centres.

There is a growing concern from parents as facts show that many day care employees in day care centers are positive of having criminal records in their past. Even if the initiative to check the background of their employees is there, some day care centres forego this because of its high cost.

Peace of mind

Because of this concern, parents are advised to make doubly sure their child is kept in a reliable day care centre, and that their children are watched over by employees who will not compromise their child’s life and safety. Reliability is of utmost concern to most parents.

Here are tips on how to choose a reliable and safe day care centre:
• Parents should check reputation of day care centre.

Number one the list is that parents need to make sure that the day care center they are considering has a great background and a great history as well. Parents can obtain information with the local government, government agencies, and the police to check if there have been any unfavourable incidents or complaints against the day care center.

• Call the center’s past clients.

Calling up the centre’s past clients is an effective way of checking the day care centre’s credibility. It would be a big plus if you knew who to call like friends or family who had children taken cared of by the day care centre. Also, parents should be warned of planted past clients. These are fake clients who pose as previous clients and answer background check calls.

Background checks on the day care centres’ employees.

Obtaining background checks show important information such as criminal and medical records, educational records, employment history, bank reports, driving violations, drug test results, police records, and many other records.

Background checks, are very effective methods by which a parent or parents will know if the employees in a day care center is capable and reliable enough to keep their children safe.

• Meet with the manager and employees for some of their personal information. Relying on the background check of these employees is good. But to meet with them and to talk to them is another way to judge whether these people are safe enough to have around the children. Unannounced visits are good. A conversation with the people involved is a good gauge whether the parents deem them safe or not.

• Do an ocular inspection of the day care centre.

Not only do employees of day care centre pose danger to a parents’ child, but the facility and environment as well. Give due priority to cleanliness, safety and hazard free. Regarding cleanliness, parents should consider looking at the day care centre’s bathrooms, janitors, and water source.

With their children in safe hands in a safe e environment, parents can now have peace of mind while they go about their daily lives.

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