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by admin on July 6, 2009

Marketing your own day care business is something which you must faithfully do. This has been one of the most famous business options that people have been taking so you need to make sure that you beat all of your competitors. So when you start with marketing, you should always think of how you will be able to make your current clients stay with you or even encourage people to enroll their child in your day care center.

Word of Mouth
This has been one of the most reliable and cost-effective advertising strategy that there is. All you have to do is to talk and you are on your way to gaining more customers for your day care business. Start with your family and friends when you are advertising through word of mouth. You need to advertise your business to them well and they will do the rest. They need to be able to put in good reputation for your day care business to their friends and connections. This is usually the most effective method that owners take when it comes to marketing their day care business.

Printed Flyers
This may be the next option that you may take when you are opening your day care business. This does not require a lot of money for making these advertising materials. All you need are your trusty printer, paper and your creativity. You will be able to have control of the design that you flyers will have. You will save a lot of money from hiring someone who will do the lay out for you. You should be able to come up with a flyer that has all the necessary information. You do not need to put everything there, but you should at least provide a little information on your services. Make sure to include the name of the company, contact number, services offered and the prices. You can hand them out to your neighbours, leaving them at their doors or even posting them on your local corkboard when everyone can see it.

Online advertisements
There are so many online advertising sites available for business entrepreneurs. These websites often charge the people when it comes to advertising, but there are also websites which do this for free. You just need to find the website and post you’re ad. It is that simple. Always remember that there are so many people who have internet access, so there will also be other day care centers that may have advertised on the internet too. You need to make sure that you come up with an ad that will stand out from the rest. You also need to keep in mind that online ads update all the time, so make sure that you are visible in the online world all the time.

Local Newspaper
Newspapers have never really failed when it comes to advertising. People are always reading the newspaper everyday so you can place your advertisements on this material. Even if it means spending a little money, you will be sure that your business will gain clients through this advertising method. You do not need to place a half-page advertisement on your day care. The most important thing is that you come up with and effective advertisement given a small amount of space. This will ensure that the people reading your advertisements will at least have an idea about your day care which is a good start.

Make A Big Banner
Notice how banners catch out attention during traffic. Even if it does not concern use, we still take the time to read all that is written on the banner. A big banner is your best bet when it comes to advertising. You just need to come up with a catchy design and you are good to go. You need to place the banner on a place where people usually pass so when there is traffic, they will take the time to read your banner and get your contact number. There is no doubt about it that in a matter of a few minutes, someone will be calling your phone and asking about your day care services.

Visit your Employers
Drop by in the offices there in your vicinity. Leave a couple of flyers there for working moms. If they need any assistance when it comes to taking care of their children, then you are in luck. Mothers always make sure that their children are taken care of especially when they are in the offices. This is why you need to reach out to them and tell them that you are willing to help them when it comes to day care services.

For current customers, a good way to market your day care center is through giving out promos. This will double as a marketing strategy as well as an extension of you gratitude to them for being loyal customers all this time.

You can always work up a deal with the parents that you will give them an incentive for every 3-5 referrals that they give you. This will help you to gain customers in no time. You may give rewards such as discounts, gift cards or anything free for your child. This is a sure fire way of gaining customers. At least this benefits you and your customers at the same time.

Holidays are the events which customers always look forward to. May it be Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day and other special occasions, parents always see these occasions as special ones. Having special promos for parents can really please them. You can have a Christmas promo when it comes to the hours of day care services. You can even give the, a card or a gift that will help them remind your day care.

It is easy to market day care centers. You can even think of other ways in which you can market your business. Have fun when you market your business! Always make sure that you are only advertising what you can give and never give them false hopes. Or else this will be bad for business.

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