Multi-linguistic Programs For A Daycare Center

by admin on January 29, 2009

Did you guys know that little kids are fast learners? Even as young as four or five years old, a young child at that age can learn how to pronounce their ABCs or count in numbers. Because kids are bright and are curious to learn a lot, why not give them the chance to learn foreign languages as well?

Studies have shown that it’s not easy picking up a new language once you get older. So while at an early age, it’s better to speak and learn a foreign language will provide priceless advantages and benefits to the children. Most centers do not provide this curriculum or programs, so if you are a daycare provider or an administrator, it will better to add them to your programs.

Teaching them foreign languages at a young age gradually will learn how to communicate with others. These kids naturally have a talent for developing their communication skills through talking in another language especially with foreigners. They learn how to build rapport among others and appreciate them for their diversity. Once they know about the structure of other languages, their English ability is enhanced, and also achieves a native grasp of both grammar and pronunciation in the second language.

Because these children have a knack for learning different languages very early, they naturally learn fast in other subjects as well. Their mind picks up easily on other subjects, and often score higher on tests than those normal kids who have never gone through foreign language lessons.

Aside from scoring high in tests and having the ability to pick up different languages during preschool, these kids have a greater chance to succeed in the future without their knowing. Since the world’s economy is mutually dependent, these kids who will grow up in their mature years have a bright future in this competitive world. Most countries nowadays require employers and businessmen, who are multi-lingual; thus, these young children must be groomed rightly with linguistic skills to compete in a global world.

There are countless of foreign languages to choose from to be included in the program. Most foreign languages that are used globally aside from English are French, Spanish, and other Latin languages. You may also include other Asian languages in your program such as Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. These languages will certainly help the kids in the long run.

Second or third language capabilities are very much in demand unlike before. So if you want your kid to be smart and be equipped with skills such as speaking in a foreign language, you’ll be relieved when your kid lands a high paying job in the future.

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