Obtaining Grants For Your Child Daycare Center

by admin on January 28, 2009

Childcare center business is turning out to be a very profitable one. A lot of people are starting up this kind of business and those who had started are thinking of expansion or upgrading their facilities. However, capital outlay to start or expand a daycare center business is not easy to come by. It is necessary therefore to look for other sources of money to start or expand your daycare business. One source of funding is through grants. There are many organizations nowadays that can give grants for the daycare center business. All you need is the resourcefulness to find them. You may take any of the following steps in obtaining funding for your daycare business:

• Your local bank can provide the funds you need for your daycare center.

• Venture capital – It is private equity capital provided to early-stage but high potential growth companies in the hope of generating a return on investment. It is cash given in exchange for shares in the invested business.

• Gifts or loans from family or friends – Your family may support your business venture by giving you cash gifts or loans which you can use either by starting or expanding your daycare business operation.

• Obtaining counsel from small business associations – Business associations normally encourage other people to embark into business by providing them invaluable advice on the common problems encountered by start-up business. They also provide references for grants and loans.

• Getting advice from incubator organizations – They are organizations that design programs to accelerate the development of business start-up through support from their business contacts. They can easily refer your daycare business to member organizations that can provide funding.

On-line listing can help you find grants from foundations and other organizations. There are certain organizations that for a nominal fee will include you in their roster of grant seekers. They make the list available to organizations who give grants to businesses that need the infusion of additional capitalization, especially for expansion.

If you have found a potential grant funding, you have to contact the organization in order to request for their funding guidelines and an application form. By asking for a copy of the annual report of the organization, you will be able to have an idea what they are usually looking for when they give grants.

Look for organizations that provide grants to daycare center and find out if your plan of operations will fit in their criteria. You must know their eligibility requirements, the deadline for filing the application, and whether your location and the population you serve falls under their requirements.

Make sure that you have filled up the application form completely and correctly and that you have submitted all the supporting documentations that grant provider may require. Proposals for funding are often times rejected outright if they are incomplete so you must review the same thoroughly before submission.

You might get a rejection or two before you finally get your grant. Just don’t give up. Keep on submitting your proposals until you finally find an organization that can you give grant money for you start or expand your daycare business.

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Siomara June 11, 2009 at 4:55 am

There are a lot of parents in my area that need child care and they visit my home day care, but they can not cover the cost of the day care because they are low income families and have more then one child how can I find grants to help them to make their service affordable

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