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by admin on April 23, 2009

As parents, we all want only the best things for our kids and if we are the ones running a day care center, it would be our aim to provide only the best for our clients. However, providing all the best things doesn’t mean that we would be spending more and increasing our daily operational expenditures. You have to take consideration that increasing overhead costs in running our day care also means that we need to take in more kinds and need bigger space for the center.

Day care centers who actually have made it are operating according to planned routines. One-hour segments with pre planned curriculums make up the whole day and these are actually comparable to public school classes.

In a daycare center, a typical day would begin with a play period from the time the child arrives until about 9 o’clock in the morning. You would need indoor sand boxes, toys and maybe a family sized television set. From 9 am to 10, the kids may be separated into groups according to ages and then you can hold reading and story-telling session. Sometime between 10 to 11 am, mid-morning snack can be served to the kids, while younger kids can have their mid-morning nap during this time. After this, a learning session can be help and this can also be a time when guest are invited to talk and entertain the children.

You can consult and work with your community’s Chamber of Commerce, civic clubs as well as city administration for your guest speakers. Children will be very much entertained and will enjoy visits by firemen, policemen and others who would want to talk to them about their jobs, citizenships, film showings and about things in the community.

You may also opt to have upperclassmen from your local community colleges to come to your day care and demonstrate things such as working with clay, building wood, drawing, paper shapes and other talents or skill that your little clients can learn. What’s really important here is to bring in “outsiders” in to talk with your kids and teach them about the things that goes on in their world.

At around noon until one in the afternoon, lunch can be served and then from 1 until 2 in the afternoon should be another learning session. At this time, you may teach the rudiments of reading, writing and math. College students studying to be teachers, retired teachers and even unemployed individuals having teaching certificated can handle teach chores. This should not be something that to teach them the proficiency but it should be something that will stimulate the kids’ interest in formal education. What most day cares aim for is to instill within each child the desire to learn more about his environment. So each child would have a full plan for when he gets to reach six years old and start proper school.

Maybe every once a week, an afternoon learning session can be done through a trip or tour to some place interesting as well as entertaining for the children. This way, you make the idea of learning not only interesting but also an interesting adventure as well.

These tours and trips can be from a simple walk in your neighbourhood to a loading the kids into cars or buses and taking them to the zoo. You have to check this out first and plan on it, but usually you’d find that most businesses in your locality are welcoming to such opportunities to show children around their offices or factories. This may also apply to your city departments, fire department, police department and even radio and television stations.

On days that you don’t have any trips scheduled on your learning sessions, you may try having a film showing that’s related to nature and animals. VCR’s and CD’s provides you with endless possibilities in this are. You can have nap times and snack times for younger ones while books and quite games can do for older children who do not take naps. After their nap time, children can play until their parents come by to pick them up.

As much as possible, kids should be encouraged to go outside during play periods. If you have some playground equipment, organized games would not be really necessary but you may need a playground supervisor to watch the children and make sure that they don’t get hurt as they play. You may hire part time staff for this – maybe college students for a minimum wage. And if your city ordinances do not have any specific requirements for a playground supervisor you may even hire students form you neighbourhood high school. Pick out people who love and are comfortable with children and have consideration for their dependability. Today’s parents are very cautious and wants day care center to have extreme protection for their children enrolled in such institutions.

To care for children in your day care center, you must also make sure that you have a well-fenced area. Check out other public schools and day care centers to have an idea of what should be in your outdoor playground area. You can have the basic sand boxes, slides, swings and jungle gyms, but you can also be creative and original just as long as your equipment meets safety standards.

In some states, it is required that you have a registered nurse on your day care premises, but generally the main things that is needed are the medical information from parents and a written procedure of the things to do in cases of accidents or illnesses. Standard operations when a child becomes sick or is injured is to take them to the nearest medical center while a staff should get in touch with the parents to explain what happened. If the parent cannot make it to the medical center, all information about the child should be provided to the staff who is immediately available.

It would also be a good idea to get your staff and day care helpers trained with the basic Red Cross first aid knowledge and be equipped with a first aid kit in your premises. You can also hire a registered nurse who is not working or is looking for extra income by either “hiring the license” and pay the nurse for the use of her license in your office and be available to serve your needs when you call.

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